Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Soi 98 Restaurant Kuantan food review

We are always on the hunt for good food! This time round we have found a hidden gem in the kuantan town. Soi 98 Restaurant has just opened for 3 months. And it's not on Google map yet! (Until I added it recently :p )

Soi 98 Restaurant
Address B-38, Lorong Sekilau 58, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens daily 5pm to 12am
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Soi-98-Restaurant-201107320478326/

This is a Thai Malaysian fusion restaurant but we think that their food is more Malaysian. And therefore more suitable for our taste buds. The chef had previously worked in the Klang valley and had been in Malaysia for more than 10 years.
It's a cosy area, slightly away from the hustle bustle of the city. The indoor sitting area is air conditioned but it doesn't have glass doors. This is because the owner thinks that it will create an unfriendly impression.

Bentong tofu rojak

Roasted tofu pok originating from the Bentong district (more densed and have more fillings) stuffed with shredded cucumber,  turnip, carrot and mango. Drizzled with a generous amount of caramelized prawn sauce from Penang and cripsy peanut powder, it's such a refreshing combination that also irresistible.

Fried pork

The pork belly had just the right balance of fatty and lean parts. Marinated in fermented bean curd, it can function as a main dish or even a snack suitable during TV watching.

Thai green curry

This is a dish with extremely powerful flavors. Curry made fragrant by basil and the spiciness was thrilling for the taste buds. This went really well with chicken and brinjal. The green color was in a stark contrast to the whiteness of the coconut milk yet these flavours blended well with each other.

Red seafood tomyum

The spiciness, sourness and fragrance of lemongrass all harmonized to make this soup very appetizing. And they were generous with the amount of prawns, squid and chicken.

Curry fish head

This dish is very Malaysian like. Thick curry gravy with coconut milk that goes well with rice and even bread. The fish head was not fishy at all and we loved the lady fingers and brinjal in the pot too.

Lime steam squid
You will love this dish of you like sour stuff. It goes very well with the squid that's just cooked and still soft.

Cockles with thai sauce

Blanched fresh cockles tasted fresh and refreshing after dipped in their signature sauce made of garlic, chilli, lime, coriander etc.

Mango sticky rice

Sweet mango strips nicely arranged intr the shape of a rose. Glutinous rice with a nice blue color using butterfly pea flowers. The black sesame and the coconut milk added so much vibrancy to the presentation and layers to the taste.

Mango kembung fish

This popular Thai dish is given a twist that the mango was sweet and the peanuts gave the dish a great crunch. The kembung fish was deep fried beforehand and it's not fishy at all. One can also use grouper instead.

All these costed just around RM200 only!

Besides all carte orders, Soi 98 also has birthday packages. For orders exceeding RM168, they can also arrange for complimentary birthday cake provided reservations are done at least 3-4 days earlier. What's unique is that there are no menus. One is encouraged to order based on photos pasted on the outside of the restaurant or based on their Facebook page.

Our verdict 8/10! Especially great for those who love spicy and sour dishes that burst in flavors!

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