Friday, August 17, 2018

Maternity & Nursing Bra Advice featuring Mamaway

Hands up if you have really sore breasts? And if you don't fit into your normal bra anymore? Welcome to this perhaps annoying sign of pregnancy or does it mean more shopping? :P p.s. It is normal for the breasts to grow as early from 8-10 weeks of pregnancy.

I can't stress enough how important it is to get comfortable and supportive bras. Especially when you are still nursing your older child like me. Save me some sore breasts and back pain.

These are great shopping tips for good maternity/nursing bra from Babycenter

How to size your bra?

Don't be shy to get the professionals to measure them. These are the guides

-the cups fit snugly, cover most of your breasts, and have no overflow at the top
-the centre seam lies comfortably against your breastbone
-your bra fastens on to the first set of hooks, leaving plenty of room for growth

The important features in a good maternity/nursing bra:


I'll explain to you why I love Mamaway Maternity &Nursing Seamless Bra based on the features above.

Support- Mamaway supports the growing breasts well. It has wide straps, side and underbust bands, as well as a deep center.

Adjustability- it has 4 sets of hooks and can stretch up to 2 to 3 cup size. There's also detachable feeding clips that's easy to undo and redo.

Comfort- the material is thin, doesn't stick to the skin (very important in the tropical climate especially after sweating!) and it's seamless. I prefer no underwires because it is not as comfortable and baby Bing hates it during nursing.

Coverage- full cup bras are the best options for these blossoming bosoms. There's an added padding slot so that the paddings don't move. If they do, you can easily adjust it back.

Antibacterial- Made of Merylr, it contains silver ions that have antibacterial properties. This also makes the bra breathable, easy to absorb moisture and odour resistant. I do use extra paddings to absorb the occasional leaky boobs but sometimes it stills overflow. And I have had a few mouldy looking bras previously (yucks) even though I change and wash twice a day. So I'm really positive about these bras.

There are 2 designs for Mamaway bras
- seamless maternity & nursing bra (with padding) great for daily wear outside

- crossover sleeping & nursing bra perfect for lounging and sleeping as the material is even thinner and silkier with no padding

Get your own Mamaway Antibacterial Maternity &Nursing Seamless Bra from Mamaway website.

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