Friday, August 24, 2018

Should one invest in maternity panties? Featuring Mamaway

Baby bumps come in all sizes and shapes. By the third or fourth month of pregnancy, the precious bump would have outgrown your usual jeans. It's always good to wear loose clothes and leave plenty of room for the growing belly and bub.

But that doesn't mean boring shapeless look! It spells shopping for more clothes that show off the awesome baby bump! Not only do you need to look good outside but it's even more than important to make your lingerie as comfortable as possible.

I have recently talked about maternity bra. 

Of course good things must come in pairs. Here you go, reasons why maternity panties are essential. Afterall, the bump starts growing from down below.

I have started wearing Mamaway Antibacterial Maternity Panties at my fourth month of pregnancy. These are the reasons why I love them.

Maternity panties are more stretchy. As the bump is growing, the first pair of panty to go will be the non elastic ones. Maternity panties can often stretch to more than double their original size so you don't have to keep buying new panties as your pregnancy progresses. The stretchability also makes it more comfortable.

As with your normal panties, it can come in medium rise or high rise varieties.

The medium rise ones sit just below the bump. And is suitable for those who still like their low rise pants. But from experience I can easily let you know that you can probably keep your low rise aside for 4-6 months.

 But the medium waist variety is also good for those who has itchy bumps and need a scratch or two on and off. This is very common and is due to stretching of the skin as the belly grows, as well as the hormonal changes. This is harmless unless if you also have yellowish skin and eyes. Then it's time to seek advice from healthcare professionals.

After delivery, one can choose the high rise variety so that it covers the caeserean scar without exposing it to irritation from the outer clothing.

Mamaway panties are made of antibacterial material called Heiq pure. It's a technique originated from Switzerland by blending pure silver into the fabric which has antibacterial properties. This prevents odour causing bacteria from colouring the panties. Exactly what I need!

Sweating a lot is also a part of pregnancy and post partum period that I really hates. Mamaway panties absorb these excessive moisture well and make me feel fresh after a whole day at work. The material is also cooling.

So mothers and mother-to-bes, take this chance to pamper yourself and get a few pairs of good maternity panties :)

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