Thursday, September 13, 2018

Home chemical peeling treatment featuring Derca

Can't go for regular facial treatment? No worries, now we can safely do it at home. All it needs is 15 minutes every 2-4 weeks. I have previously written about suitable facial treatment in pregnancy especially regarding safe chemical peeling. This is because breakouts and scarring and be particularly troublesome for certain expecting mothers due to hormonal changes.

I have been given the chance to try out Derca BioSculptivate AT-resurface/peel. And I'm excited to show you how well it works! My breakouts have improved significantly in the second trimester but there are still lots of blocked pores and closed comedones. And the scarring is unfortunately very visible.

Background of Derca range products

Founded by Lurinda who is a somatologist. Somatology is a study about holistic care of human health and well-being, particularly in the area of aesthetics. To know more about this field, refer to this page.

The main ingredients used in the this home peel kit are

Hydroxy acid (HA) like beta HA (salicylate) and alpha HA (glycolic acid) are found. They are very useful for exfoliation and clearing up the clogged pores as well as reducing inflammation. They have been studied and found to be safe when used on the skin in pregnancy because absorption into the blood stream is negligible.

Aloe leaf extract provides a much needed soothing effect for the acid peeled skin and hydrates the skin.

Bisabolol is an active ingredient found in chamomile. It is an anti-inflammatory that calms and soothes the skin. It also helps other active ingredients to penetrate into the skin.

Those who are interested in knowing other potential toxins to avoid in pregnancy please refer to this article on webMD.

Watch my YouTube video to see how to use this kit.

Just like conventional chemical peeling, I felt a slight sting on my face after the mask was applied. But it's much milder than my facial treatments at the clinic. It's normal to feel so because the acid used irritates the skin. After the first use, I have noticed much less acne and much easier to extract my comedones.

This home peel kit is only at RM180. It can provide 10 sessions of peeling if only used on the face (5ml), 5 if used for both face and neck (10ml). Comparing with those performed at aesthetic clinics, it's only RM18 each facial treatment! Of course the strength of the acid used in the product is less than those applied by aesthetic doctors to ensure safety. In certain cases, if the effect is less than perfect, I would advice you to head to an aesthetic clinic because some scars and severe acne needs to be managed with stronger peels and maybe laser treatment.

Official website for Derca Range

Malaysian distributor Bellagio Wellness Artistry
WhatsApp 0122492488

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