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Nufael goat's supermilk for the whole family

Yummy. More milk for baby Bing! Being fully breastfed for more than a year, he's still very big time into drinking milk. The amount that he eats and drinks can be more than an average adult. But the options are limited because he's a very picky eater. So we are always on the lookout for nutritious formula milk.

We have been trying out Nufael goat's milk for a while already. Not only is this suitable for the growing baby Bing, it's also great for the rest of the family. My pregnant self will benefit from the extra calcium and nutrition. What I consume will then be channeled to my flourishing second boy in the womb. Breastfeeding mothers can also consume this. Hubby can also use this to make his cup of coffee or tea extra delicious, as well as to provide more energy to go through a busy day.

Besides goat's milk powder, it also contains real extract of red dates, honey, raisins, manna, Arabic gum and pomegranate. A wonderful combination of vitamins and minerals to improve general well-being such as iron, omega 3 fatty acids and prebiotics. As for my fellow Muslim friends, these are important food ingredients called Makanan Sunnah. And of course it's sources are halal (because it's new, still pending Jakim approval) The goat's milk is imported from Netherlands.

As there's no added sugar, artificial coloring or flavoring, it's a healthy choice. The alkaline nature of the milk makes it suitable for those who have sensitive stomach as well. It's also easily digested in order to prevent bloating and constipation which is commonly faced in pregnancy. And many anecdotal evidence that those with allergy to cow's milk. Can consume goat's milk safely. Don't worry about any goaty smell because there's none (In fact Nufael promises 100 % refund if you find it unpalatable).

Now if you look at the packaging carefully, Nufael is actually a product of Feedmilk! Remember these lovely nursing clothes you often see on Facebook? And Femilac milk boosters?The founders undoubtedly support breastfeeding. Therefore they only recommend starting Nufael in toddlers older than 2 years old. Because no milk is better for your children before that.

Sharing our own experience trying out Nufael.

Mommy of 1.5 boys aka myself

I don't usually like milk powder because of the smell or the taste. But I do need it because breastfeeding and being pregnant means that I need a lot more nutrients to provide for both my babies and myself. I find that Nufael has a really mild flavour and it's not sweet. Loving it!

Baby Bing

A growing toddler, but he's also a picky eater. Sometimes we worry that he doesn't get enough nutrients because he only eats rice/noodles, eggs, tofu, fish/chicken on and off, sweet corns and carrots. Lol. We are so glad that he accepts Nufael milk and are hopeful that this will help to supplement his diet.


Being a big time coffee lover, he can easily have 2-3 cups of cappuccino in a day. Besides using fresh milk, we have also started using Nufael in his coffee. And he said his coffee still tasted awesome. As there's iron in Nufael and coffee decreases iron absorption, mommy hopes that daddy will be able to get more iron from his diet.

Besides our own positive feedbacks, many other Nufael users have also enjoyed the benefit of drinking Nufael.

Some affirmed my taste about Nufael which is not goaty at all.

Others think that it's value for money and can stave off hunger.

Some also takes it to supplement calcium intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding for stronger bone and teeth.

These are the various websites for Nufael.

Facebook page : Nufael Susu Kambing HQ

Official Website

Landing Page for purchase and search for distributor

Instagram of Nufael's Founder Anys Paloma

Instagram for Nufael's HQ

Official Instagram for Nufael Susu kambing HQ

No HP 0168404932
HQ Address :
No 9, Jalan Keluli, AK7/AK, Seksyen 7, 40000, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Last but not least, if you really fall in love with Nufael and would like to become a distributor/dropship agent, please register here

Landing page for Nufael distributor

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