Sunday, November 4, 2018

All time favorite pizza from Domino's

Pizza remains one of our favorite takeaways or delivery. Being a comfort food, it can be so hard to resist at times. Whether it's for a proper meal when we have no time to cook or for the rare occasion of supper and movie night, we prefer to order from Domino's.

Not only because Domino's offer a wide variety of pizzas, but also for the following reasons.

I must admit it takes the hang of it to familiarise yourself with the online order system as this is my first time trying it out. But once the correct information is keyed in, ordering pizza from Domino's is easy peasy. Whether it's to request for delivery or takeaway, the nearest Domino's branch will be assigned by the system to make sure we have the freshest pizzas at the time of our choice. One can also choose to pay using  cash on delivery/credit online. Redeeming voucher can also be done paperless. This system is even in Malaysia's Book of Records!

One more thing I love about Domino's is that the company discourages the use of plastic bags by incurring a small charge to it. Great move indeed! Besides being green, Domino's also care about the community evidenced by the whopping RM40,000 raised through 'Food for the Poor' program. In 2012, 100,000 meals were packed for the needy throughout Malaysia. Domino's was also involved in flood relief when the East coast was badly hit in 2015.

As more and more branches of Domino's are opened, it has also become one of the most easily accessible pizza outlets.

During 'it's all about you' campaign, of course we have to join in the celebration. 

On the way back from a short weekend getaway from KL, we dropped by the Taman Tas branch to pick up our order done earlier that day. The whole process took less than 5 minutes as we have already made advanced payment. Just have to show the staff the email received after the order was done. 

Tada, a very filling dinner for two. Unfortunately baby Bing hasn't started to take pizza yet. So it's all ours!

A regular sized seafood delight pizza. It has tomato based sauce and hand torn thick crust with a generous amount of mozarella, green capsicum, tuna and crabstick. Add on a cinnamon bread stick with 2 cans of soft drinks. Our cheat day on a lazy Sunday night.

The perks of purchasing with the online system- a complimentary pizza voucher valid for 2 weeks. Looks like another cheat day is coming soon haha.

To know more about Domino's campaign, head on to their official website here.

And watch their official video here

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