Thursday, November 29, 2018

Getting kissable lips featuring GlamFox

Want to get kissable lips? No matter what shape or length or thickness, they need to be well hydrated and protected from the elements. And today I'm going to share a few tips about lip care.

Having had fairly severe lip eczema last year, I was traumatized by having to apply topical tacrolimus diligently and Vaseline almost every 1-2 hours. They were horrible! Red and swollen at the edges with even serous discharge coming out which dried by  crusting. I even had a skin patch test done- without being able to identify the culprit. Luckily with time, the condition quiescent, leaving behind dry lips which need nothing more than  twice daily of lip balm.

Since then I have learnt to really appreciate my pair of well hydrated lips.

Tips 1

1. Exfoliate- use exfoliator used on the face for your lips gently once or twice a week to removed dry and flaky skin. It can be as simple as DIY honey+granulated sugar scrub. Remember to remove all traces of makeup on the lips.

2. Moisturise- use lip balm made from natural ingredients eg beewax, Shea butter, almond oil or aloe. Stop licking your lips because it makes them even drier after the saliva evaporates.

3. Protect- use lip balm with SPF 15 and higher. Stop smoking because it discolours the lips and hasten wrinkle formation on the upper lips.

Therefore, good lip care products are essential for your kissable lips! Introducing the lip care range by GlamFox, a cosmetic company hailing from Korea. Not only are they great for your lips, the actual products are also so beautiful and delicately made. I feel like a princess using them!

The fleurissant lip glow range comes in 6 varieties depending on the flowers embedded inside, looking like an ageless fossil frozen in time. These are moonlight, honey, peach, rose, emerald and witch. The lip glow is transparent so grab the flower you like the most! I simply love moonlight flowers.

The other floral ingredients in this beautiful lip balm include chamomiles, lavender, daisy, magnolia, damask rose, lily, rosa rugosa (beach rose) and marigold. Not to forget the 99.9% 24k gold foil in it! So much soothing and hydrating effect, it's just like having a lip spa. And of course these products are paraben and mineral oil free. Great for someone who has a history of eczema/sensitive skin like me.

If you want even more gloss, shine and plumpier lips, get the fleurissant lip gloss instead. Similarly, it has 6 floral varieties.

It is also possible to achieve these different looks with the fleurissant lip gloss- the classic full lip, two toned and the popular gradation makeup ( look at the empress and the concubines in the Story of Yanxi Palace- one of the hottest drama series in China right now).

One more interesting fact is the lip color actually changes depending on the temperature and pH of the lips of the wearer. And of course the more layers you apply, the color is going to get more vivid and dark. And according to the order of the flower ingredients I listed just now, the shade gets darker across the range.

 Here's me-

Before putting on any lippie. Excuse the dark pigmented and dry lips (just gotten better from the bad eczema I described before).

After applying the lip glow. Note the pinkish hue and the instant hydration. The lip glow is feels neither sticky nor heavy.

After putting on the lip gloss. With the extra shine on my lips.

After an hour sitting in an air-conditioned environment. The color has become a lighter pink.

The color also stays for 5-8 hours so I don't have to touch up so often even after eating and drinking. It doesn't stain the glass either.

By now, you should be falling in love with the fleurissant lip care range too. The good news is it's not hard to get one of these lippies because it's widely available in Watson's and Aeon nationwide.

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