Thursday, November 8, 2018

The bamboo heaven Tadom Hill Resorts revisited

Our last stay at Tadom Hill when before the second baby was conceived. Now with me delivering in 2 months time, we are back to Tadom Hill Resorts. This time round to introduce everyone to more fun and luxurious accommodation options here.

Read about our previous stay experience here.

Tadom Hill has changed a lot since our last visit. Not only is the Hakka village up and running, there are also additions of Premium Gendui Chalets. And this will be the main star of my article today. To know more about the various accommodation options available, please refer to their official website. For the more adventurous ones, there are plenty of economical tents and bamboo tents. With the most basic amenity and shared bathroom. Big groups can also rent the Hakka village with its own common areas.

As for us, family with young children, the premium Gendui Chalets are definitely a very comfortable getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. We were absolutely in love with the bamboo furnishing. It made the room cool. Those who like the room colder can also switch on the air-conditioning.

Besides bamboo, batik was also used to create the Aboriginal feel of the room. 2 beautiful batik swans were fixed to the wall next to the towel rack. The bed frame was handcrafted with bamboo, making it sturdy and stable. Bamboo charcoals were hung in the room to absorb humidity. The bathroom also had a heated shower and hair dryer.
Each chalet could fit 2-4 people at a rate of RM250 for two (off peak rate).

The Premium Gendui Chalets are named after the much-loved Gendui Tadom who was a legendary leader of Bukit Tadom. She led the villagers to fight against the invasion of the jungle beasts. Besides that she also had mystical powers in healing.

Unfortunately there was on and off storm during our drive to Tadom Hill Resorts and we only arrived after 6pm. The rainy resort had a surreal atmosphere. It took about an hour from town last visit but it dragged to almost two hours the recent visit.

After a satisfying dinner at the Garden bistro, we were all flaked out and welcomed the comfortable embrace of the chalet's bed. Of course, most people would opt for BBQ instead. Be rest assured that the staff have all of it covered from providing all the equipment and marinated meat. Just grill and enjoy.

We woke up around 6am the next day just in time to have a glimpse of the resort early morning. It was very peaceful. Baby Bing picked up a soccer ball left on the grounds and started playing happily.

Buffet breakfast was served around 8am. It's complimentary of the overnight stay. Malaysian style with nasi lemak, fried meehoon, omelette station, sausages, baked beans, fruits, bread with Kaya butter. My favorite was nonetheless the spicy sambal.
Senamrobik started around that time too. 

And lots of day trippers and team building activities started. Day pass is included as we were in house guests. That meant we could play unlimited water activities during the day.There's rafting, water slide, diving, Tarzan swing and swimming.

Other activities such as ATV, flying Fox, ball games, limbo, archery, sumpit would incur extra cost. But to find so many variety of games in one place, it's indeed great to cater to a big group.

Or you can simply have it free and easy. Stroll around the scenic resort and take countless photos or simply enjoy watching others carrying out the activities.

Tadom Hill Resorts is definitely one of the most popular spots to experience living away the city, as well as to organise team building activities. Now that it has so many more accommodation and activity options, remember to head to Tadom Hill for your next family day or team building getaway!

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