Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ageing gracefully featuring NutriBear

Everyone ages. But there's a huge difference between the biological and physiological age. With a full-time doctoring job and now a mother of two boys, there's more need for me to stay energetic while maintaining to feel young inside out!

What are the tips to age gracefully?
1. Have a balanced diet, making sure the body has all the essential nutrients to function 

2. Adequate exercise to boost metabolism and maintain stamina

3. Keep ourselves hydrated. Water is the key to health! Just as written in my previous article here

4. Stop smoking. Cigarettes stain teeth and nails, hardens blood vessels and also speeds up the aging process of the skin- causing wrinkles!

5. Drink alcohol in moderation. Excessive alcohol consumption may cause irreversible liver damage and failure, not to mention dementia, more frequent falls and premature wrinkling and ageing.

Besides all these tips, there's gaining evidence in the usefulness of collagen supplements. Collagen is the holy grail to youthfulness and energy. It's a form of protein that unfortunately dwindle in production with age. Collagen is needed to maintain supple skin, strong teeth, keep hair shiny and lubricate the joints for example.

NutriBear is the brainchild of Dr Cheng JC, who's a veterinarian by trade. Being a doctor, she understands how to create the perfect supplement. I have previously written about the relevant authorities/certification required for all supplements made in Malaysia in this article.

NutriBear contains simply hydrolyzed collagen. More than 90% of which is digested into small peptides readily absorbed into the blood stream within an hour. These are then transported to target tissues (skin, bone and cartilage) to produce new collagen.

It's that simple and elegant. High quality hydrolyzed fish collagen with no additives and preservatives. These are without the hidden ingredients that every doctor has nightmare about- have you ever heard of the serious prep talk by many doctors who swear that many supplements and herbal preparations contain steroid/may damage the kidneys and liver? Not if it's pure collagen from NutriBear though.

Derived from fish scales, NutriBear is also suitable for consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods which can be stressful for the mother's body. I have been taking NutriBear and mixing it to my morning  Anmum Lacta to give a Kickstart for the day. Afterall, good maternal hydration and nutrition is the key for nutritious breast milk, healthy mom and bub :)

Not only will you be able to defy the ageing process, do you know that you are also playing a part in polar bear conservation? 5% of NutriBear sales go to saving homeless polar bears due to the melting ice caps.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Collagen supplementation has some research evidence about its usefulness but not at large scales and many are sponsored by companies which can be biased. In moderation, it does not usually cause side effects. One can try if one is interested provided there are no other health problems such as kidney and liver problems. 

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for certifications before proceeding with treatment and stop if discomfort or side effect ensues.

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