Thursday, December 6, 2018

Natural elixir for the skin featuring Coco2u

I can never get enough to try all these wonderful skincare products! This time we are back to talking about virgin coconut oil again. Introducing to everyone Coco2u skincare starter kit.

This trial pack for 7 days is great for those who wants to experience the goodness of virgin coconut oil on their face. Besides that, the sizes are also good for traveling at less than 100ml each bottle using transparent packaging.

Watch my YouTube video about how to use the products.

I love how simple the steps are.
Step 1 Hydrating Cleanser
Step 2 Pore refining tonique
Step 3 Bioactive day (SPF20)/night moisturiser

These are the fundamental steps for supple and radiant skin. For a full-time doctor and mother, I cannot stress how many times have I wasted money on expensive skincare products getting expired just because I have no time to use it. Hands up who have gave in to buying costly skincare products which end up collecting dust :p

Let us look at the good stuff/Bioactive ingredients in all Coco2u products

Aloe vera
Mushroom extract
Cucumber extract
Virgin coconut oil
Yam Bean Extract
Argan oil
Grape seed extract

What I can say is that these are all great skinfood! Lots of antioxidants, humectant, vitamins, fatty acids, anti-inflammatories. This sums up to a recipe for youthful and hydrated skin which is anti-aging. Importantly, the day cream has SPF20 which is very important to lessen the effect of photo aging in tropical Malaysia.

My experience of using Coco2u products is generally pleasant. I have sensitive skin and am so glad that Coco2u products contain no artificial preservatives (potential allergen), SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) (dehydrates skin), parabens (potential allergen) , petroleum derived chemicals (potential carcinogen, pore blocking, allergen) . Animal lovers can also be ready assured that none of the products are tested in animals.

Without all these harmful products mean that I can also safely use Coco2u products in pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Despite containing Virgin coconut oil, the skincare products are light weight and non greasy. It is also easily absorbed and my skin feels so hydrated and fresh after a week's use. It also doesn't have any artificial fragrance which can cause allergies too.

At only RM120 each set, it's really affordable comparing to many other skincare products available over the counter or specialised stores.

Feel free to have a look at Coco2u official sites for more details.

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