Sunday, December 30, 2018

Northern Malay food review featuring Bummbu Nasi Singgey Kuantan

It's been a while since we met the whole Blogger Pantai Timur gang! Still remember the fun times we had at Bukit Gambang Resort. This time round none other than more culinary delights in Kuantan!

Bummbu Nasi Singgey

A25, Jalan Kurnia Jaya 3, Perkampungan Belukar Maju, 25150 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens daily 10am to 9pm

It's a mere 3 miles into Jalan Gambang. And I didn't even know that there are so many new shoplots around the area. The owner hailed from Besut. Hence the more Northern Malay cooking style. His wife, surprisingly, is one of our fellow health care professionals :) and Bummbu is 5 months new in Kuantan!

This is our first time trying out Northern Malay dishes..So there's quite  few vocabulary that I have to get my head around.

This is their menu. Look at the price tag! It's not easy to find such affordable meal options in Kuantan area anymore.

It's basically broken down into rice vs western dishes.

The sets refer to grill/roast with rice and beverage (choose between syrup water vs iced tea).

One of the blogger friends ordered the grilled chicken set. It came in pyramid shaped packets suitable for dine in or take away.

The plates on the other hand, are the western version of the grill/roast with a serving of curly fries, sweet bun and coleslaw. We ordered their chicken plate.

2 perfectly grilled chicken pieces marinated with turmeric. It's still juicy inside with the skin crispy and sightly charred. The black pepper sauce is just the right thickness and not too overpowering.

Singgang, I have come to know now, are soup varieties of fish/chicken/beef. The soup uses similar herbs and spices like those in sup tulang such as onions, turmeric and lemongrass. All singgang sets come with a serving of rice and beverage. It's definitely a good choice for those with young children.

We also tried their laksa. Springy noodles in aromatic fish broth served with raw cucumber strips and bean sprout. A splash of lime juice made the gravy refreshing. The sambal also has the heavenly taste of lime. Yum!

The serving size here fulfills the suku suku separuh healthy diet guidelines. Good for us Malaysians who really have to cut down our waistline being the fattest country in Southeast Asia.

On sweltering hot days, it's good to try their ice blended beverages. Each comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, as well as Nata de Coco.

We tried sweet corn, coffee and Milo. Each equally thirst quenching and delicious. The coffee, to note, is on the sweeter side but we prefer more aromatic and bitter one (we can be very choosy when it comes to coffee though).

There are also a good variety of snacks.

My favorite is kopok cheezy.

Classic Malay fish crackers deep fried to golden color with the inside still soft and spongy. The fish cracker here has a higher fish content and it's just the way we love it. First time trying it with cheese dip and the traditional chili sauce. Simply amazing! 1 serving is not enough to satisfy my cravings ha.

Meat balls deep fried and served with a generous portion of chili sauce and mayonnaise. Another crowd pleaser I would say.

Tuna sandwiches. Children will love this. Not spicy with a generous amount of tuna in mayonnaise sandwiched by lettuce, tomato and soft round mini buns.

So our verdict is 7/10! Great stopover for those who feel peckish on the way to visit Kuantan. Something unique and definitely not your common masakan panas.

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