Thursday, December 13, 2018

The unsung heroes featuring caregivers Asia

Many people are surprised when I told them that I am interested in pursuing my subspeciality in the area of geriatrics. Because lots of people may think that they are heart sinks. Having to suffer from so many complex medical issues that are further compounded by difficult social and financial circumstances. I wouldn’t say I am a very altruistic person either. Or rather, I think I have found my calling just like many others do after stumbling here and there during my career.

I believe the same goes to many freelance caregivers. It’s almost impossible to carry on based on the relatively mediocre amount of financial compensation received without being filled by passion and dedication. Providing care for others can be incredibly stressful and frustrating with the alarming figures below:

  1. 10 million caregivers over 50 who care for their  parents lose an estimated $3 trillion in lost wages,  pensions, retirement funds and benefits
  2. Caregivers tend to forgo their own health needs with twice higher risk of adverse health outcomes
  3. Up to 50% caregivers suffer from depression, especially those who provides care for more than 20hours/week
Source: University of Washington, Department of Medicine

Given that families are getting smaller, not many children or able bodied adults are able to provide full time care for their loved ones after catastrophies, leaving them permanently disabled. Because as much as they would love to care for the other, they may also be the sole breadwinner for the family for example. And it may not be feasible geographically for that person to move to provide care. Often, the person is also at a loss as to where can they seek help whether full time or just respite care when they need to go away for some period of time.

Therefore, Caregiver Asia strives to provide a platform to link the increasing demand for caregivers and the desperate next-of-kin. The type of care provided by Caregiver Asia includes care for the elderly who may need some nursing care such as help with ambulation, home physiotherapy, wound dressing,oral feeding or tube feeding, permanent or intermittent catheterization, care of tracheostomy, suction and bathing.

People suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke and end stage cancers requiring palliative care may benefit from their service. One can even hire medical escorts or simply care companions when the need arises. For instance, to transport the patient to and from their hospital appointments. Most of the caregivers listed have medical backgrounds like certified nurse or physiotherapist.

The pricing listed is also fairly reasonable based on hours of service needed.

Besides this, in Malaysia, one can also find confinement and babysitting services from Caregiver Asia. It’s no longer easy to look for reliable babysitters especially nowadays. News about child abuse leading to fatality are rampant recently. It really makes one wonder who is trustworthy. With transparent listing and pricing, at least it’s easier to compare and hopefully choose a good babysitter.

No matter are you a care seeker or care giver, it only takes a few simple steps to register for the purpose. Go to this link for step by step instructions and for any enquiry.

Then care seeker will be able to provide feedback and review about the care giver. Any problems with the care giver, Caregiver Asia has a hotline to deal with the issues.

Now care arrangements are so much easier using Caregiver Asia. But most services are still only available in Klang valley area. Can’t wait for the service to expand to East Coast because I have many next of kins requesting for these services.

Caregiver Asia official website

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