Monday, January 14, 2019

All About Mouth Ulcers Featuring PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel

Hands up if you have never suffered from the pain of mouth ulcers! Lucky you! Because you are the rare ones. I particularly dislike the feeling of having to eat or brush my teeth when I have mouth ulcers but they are common.

Why mouth ulcers develop? Mainly we have ourselves to blame :(

  1. Accidentally biting and injuring the inside of my cheek (the damn moment when eating)
  2. Injured by toothbrush (cursing under my breath while brushing)
  3. Injured by the friction against misaligned or sharp teeth
  4. Injured by friction against dentures or braces
  5. Poor oral hygiene
  6. Burnt from eating hot food (ehem, guilty as charged for a food lover like me)
  7. Vs being too health conscious by using strong antiseptic or mouthwash (Ironic, yeah?)
Most of the time they are harmless and heals around a week without treatment. If they don’t clear up by 10days or they happens too frequent, watch out for the following causes and see your friendly dentist ok.
  1. Cold sore aka Herpes simplex infections
  2. Oral thrush
  3. Mouth ulcers
  4. Autoimmune disease such as SLE, lichen planus
  5. Drug reactions
  6. Crohn's disease

The annoying symptoms of mouth ulcers can be managed with good oral hygiene, regular mouth rinsing, hydration and avoiding spicy and sour food.

PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel is one of the effective treatments for mouth ulcers. The main active ingredients are chlorhexidine (medical grade antiseptic which at a different concentration is used in skin preparations before surgeries and procedures) and salicylate (reduces inflammation, hence alleviates swelling and pain).

Interestingly, the effect of chlorhexidine in this preparation lasts as long as 48hours!

The tube comes with an applicator tip which makes it easier to direct the medication. After brushing, either use a soft toothbrush or clean finger to apply the gel 2-3 times daily to affected areas. Do not rinse and avoid drinking for about 30 minutes to make sure the medication stays there.

Besides mouth ulcers, PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel can also be used in the following conditions:
  1. Frequent dental caries
  2. Gingivitis (inflamed gum)
  3. Stomatitis (inflamed corner of mouth)
  4. Periodontitis (inflamed tissue around the teeth)
  5. After dental surgeries such as scaling, wisdom tooth surgery

I like how the gel is not runny and stays easily in the mouth after application. The slight menthol flavour helps to lessen the pain too.

As with my recent post about SensiLacer, PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel is a product of Lacer company from Spain. It costs RM37.50 from

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