Sunday, January 20, 2019

Asian skin care featuring Elle foaming facial cleanser and water oil

No discriminations intended. But Asian skin is indeed very different from their Caucasian counterparts. Therefore our skincare needs differ too. How different is it?

Asian skin generally
  1. Tans more and burns less because of more melanin
  2. Has early pigmentation in 20s is common
  3. Has dull and uneven skin tone
  4. Is more sensitive and drier
  5. Is more oily

Read more about Asian skin on femalemag

So I love Asian skincare products! Elle has s range of skincare products designed in Taiwan. This series mainly tackle skin problem 2+3+4+anti-aging!

Elle skincare foaming facial cleanser

The main active ingredient is red algae procured in France. It contains sulfated polysaccharides (carrageenan), peptides, carotenoids, and fatty acids. This forms powerful antioxidants that not only helps to protect the skin from damaging UV, but also neutralizes free radicals formed as a result of air pollution.

When applied, the cream cleanser foams up slightly in contact with water. The foams can penetrate deeper into the pores and cleanse the impurities away.

I love the 'oceanic scent’ of the cleanser which is a bit salty sort of smell and lingers for some time after it's washed off. My face felt so clean and fresh without being over dried.

Would I buy again? Yes because the last time I bought a red algae cleanser cost 3 times more than this from my previous facial salon. Definitely value for money!

Get it from AllYoung Malaysia here.

Elle Iris Water-like Oil

This is such a mind boggling name when I first came across it. I'm sure you are wondering what it does for your skin. It's a facial oil that is so lightweight and non greasy that it looks and feels like water! In short, it works like a moisturiser.

The list of active ingredients are all oils!
-argan oil (high vitamin E and fatty acid content)
-plantasens AJO (a brand itself that boasts the use of plant-based actives, multi-functional emulsifiers, and a broad selection of emollients)
- squalene (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for aging and acne prone skin)
- kalpariane (boosts synthesis of hyaluronic acid)
- dipeptide and hexapeptide (stimulates collagen production)

How to use it?
Use it after cleansing and toning. Squeeze 1-2 drops onto the palm and rub until microbubbles form. Gently massage it onto the face. Cup the face with the warmth of the palms to enhance absorption.

This water-like oil is absorbed so well that I felt a boost to my skin condition. At the same time, my face maintains non greasy after a long day out. I have been going out with my bare face recently because I feel more confident with my skin condition now.

Not only can it be used on the face, it can also transform into hair oil, lip balm, cuticle oil, body oil and mix it with blush to create a ruddy complexion.

I love how hydrated my lips are are after a drop. Note that I have developed problems with dry and cracked lips after recovering from a severe bout of lip ezcema.

Would I buy again? The price is a bit steep but with the CNY promotion, I would. Because I can get a free Swissvita travel kit set haha with the current campaign. The multiple functions is really useful especially while traveling to downsize my luggage.

Get this at AllYoung Malaysia website here.

And a healthy skin must be well hydrated! Adequate water consumption is the key. Therefore, having this A5 size memo bottle by Elle makes it so much easier. I love how it's transparent and lack of difficult small corner so I can clean it easily. The size of 420ml makes it fit easily into my handbag so no more excuse of not bringing my own water.

Besides that, it can keep water from -20 to 90 degrees Celsius! Being BPA free, the memo bottle is definitely safe for use. And its shape also makes it easier to hold.

These 3 great Elle products really rejuvenates one inside out. My complexion has started to glow despite being severely sleep deprived caring for baby Yi. The duty of a mother :)


CXopportunities said...

Wow! I have heard about tis product before. I have read a few review also. It such a good product to try! Nice sharing!

siennylovesdrawing said...

Thanks for sharing this beauty review, yet to try Elle beauty skincare range before, will check this out soon. cheers,siennylovesdrawing

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