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Chinese Malay fusion at Muar E Kopitiam

Nestled in the Beserah area is a well loved kopitiam by local Kuantanese. It's been around for the past 10 years. People used to come here for breakfast/brunch with its excellent coffee and bread. Now the menu has expanded so much that it's even full during lunch and afternoon tea.

Muar E Kopitiam
a643, Jalan Beserah, Kampung Alor Akar, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
09-567 9324

By the way, there's another smaller branch opposite Grand City Hotel which very few knows.

Our small Blogger Pantai Timur group- Is, Amer and I had the honor of doing a food review here recently.Read Amer's and Iskandar's blogs here

On a lazy Saturday morning, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at Muar E which means satisfying in Chinese.

The must orders in their beverage menu are these!

Bottom right-
Traditional Muar E hot coffee- a special coffee blend from Muar made with both evaporated and condensed milk. Its smooth taste owes to the open secret technique of making the cuppa with a cup scalded with boiling water.
Muar E milk tea- using the same combination of milk and replacing the coffee with fresh tea leaves straight from Bharat tea plantation at Cameron Highlands. Definitely a must try for milk tea lovers.

Upper right-
Muar E green coffee- those who love their coffee a bit stronger and more aromatic made by vanilla.

Lower left-
Muar E black coffee- for the hardcore black coffee fans. This cup is strong and more bitter. A great kick start for the day.

Upper left-
If you can't have enough of Muar E coffee, bring their coffee sachets home! It contains 30 sachets excellent for gifting too. And it's all without sugar for the health conscious.

Not a fan of coffee? Muar E has you covered. There are 3 special types of cold pressed juice (a way of extracting fruit and vegetable juice without destroying the molecules). These boosts the immune system and energy level. No added sugar/preservatives.

Immuno orange (apple, orange, carrot)- a classic juice that all children will love
Sharpy red (beet root, apple, orange, carrot)- the sharp earthy taste of beet root is much harmonized by the other ingredients
Glorious green ( apple, pineapple, mint, spinach)- surprisingly refreshing and minty. Taste more like pineapple juice.

Their food, has heavy influence by the lovely manager Jo Ann- Chinese Kelantanese heritage.

Stir fry pan mee is one of their signature. Slightly chewy homemade dough shredded by hand, blanched, then stir fried with caramel sauce. Topped with crunchy fried anchovies and shallots to create a complex texture. A great comfort food. For more punch, choose the spicy version.

Mee Siam is the second signature dish. Instead of the usual sweet sambal taste, it's stir fried with lime leaves which creates a taste similar to TomYum.

The rendang chicken here has a very generous portion of kerisik aka coconut butter ( Coconut grated, toasted, then ground to a paste). A yummy twist as it matches so well with the yam rice.

Chee Cheong Fun is of the famous Pulau Tikus style. It's a thin pastry, much like laksam for the Malay version, steamed and eaten with a sweet sauce. This special recipe contains prawn paste and peanut butter, sprinkled with the freshest sesame seeds.

Even the achar here is so unique. Vegetables boiled then preserved with vinegar and a special combinations of spices or rempah together with crunchy grounded peanut.

There's just so many more to introduce! With 60 options in the menu which is improvised every year.

Nasi goreng kampung fried with just enough heat or wok hei in Cantonese.

Otak-otak crumbed and fried. A great crowd pleaser that goes well with mayonnaise.

Garlic bread made with sliced French toast, Tartura butter and coriander. Crispy outside, soft inside :)

Toast/steam wholemeal bread with Tartura butter and smooth kaya.

Pulu Lepa kelantan. Only available when there's fresh supply from Kelantan. Just like how nasi dagang is only available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Our verdict 8/10 for the authenticity and yumminess at an affordable price tag :)

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