Saturday, January 26, 2019

Debunking the mystery of bird's nest | Toko Tsuru premium bird's nest review

Being so expensive, is it really worth consuming bird's nest? From food to cosmetics, bird's nest is being added for its tauted benefits. Is this real or just a scam? Afterall, it's just solidified saliva produced by nesting swiftlets. Very much glorified eh?

People, especially Chinese, have been craving for bird's nest, pushing its price skyhigh. Traditionally, collection involves climbing treacherous caves as the swiftlets nest near dangerous terrain. Recently, bird's nests are also being farmed in Malaysia. A building is provided for the swiftlets to nest with the freedom to come and go. Cave nests, are of course, much more costly due to its scarcity.

Swiftlet farming harbours a lot of knowledge.  A renowned Professor Dr Lim, a kidney specialist in Malaysia, is actively involved. Ethical swiftlet farming makes sure only empty nests are collected after the eggs have hatched and the baby swiftlets do not need them anymore. There's ongoing research from his team about how to farm swiftlets and the nutritional value of bird's nest.  Read more here

Nests are then graded according to purity and size from the best white nests aka imperial nests to feathery nests and lastly grass nests. And of course priced accordingly.

The process to manufacture edible bird's nests is equally tedious. There are 7 steps involved and illustrated in the diagram below.    Most of the steps are labour intensive and requires experience and on job training. This is particularly true about the cleaning part. It's very meticulous using small forceps to pick out feathers and impurities.

One can either obtain bird's nest in the market after it's being cleaned in its original form. It takes double boiling for at least an hour to be cooked. The alternative is to use a slow cooker. Or purchase it in bottled versions that's ready for consumption. Bird's nest goes well with rock sugar, goji berries and red dates. There are even people who cleans bird's nest only for their own consumption.

So there must be a valid reason why people spend so much time and effort to produce good bird's nest. The proven nutritional value of bird's nest is as summarized below- the main active ingredients being sialic acid, epidermal growth factor and mitogenic stimulation factor. That's where the claims for supple and youthful skin come from.

Toko Tsuru premium bird's nest strictly adhere to the highest standards explained above to produce premium bird's nest soup canned for convenient consumption. It contains just bird's nest and rock sugar as bird's nest alone is rather bland to taste. Nothing else.

Each bottle is made of 4g of raw premium bird's nest! The other important nutrients include sialic acid, protein, fibre and phytonutrients.

Even though rock sugar is added, the bird's nest tasted just right and not too sweet. 

Look at how full the bottle is with bird's nest! There's very little amount of water actually unlike most of the other commercially available bird's nest. 

Let's bring these premium gifts to our loved ones this festive season. We should only give them the best for wishes of goodwill and health. Afterall, they gave us their best. Get it from


  1. Zaza pnh try minum masa tu ex bos bagi.. Mmg sedap rasa..kalau amal selalu skin pun jadi cantik

  2. That's why the price is very expensive. Good nutrition. It also involves a lot of processes

  3. Rasa dia macam mna ye.. Tengok macam sedap je. Hehe
    Orang kata sarang burung ni banyak khasiatnya kan.

  4. pernah rasa dah. sedap, manis-manis gitu. rasa sebotol kecil, ada officemate bagi. memang banyak kebaikan sarang burung ni, sebab tu harganya agak tinggi kan.

  5. Zira tak pernah rasa, sedap tak... Orang kata harga ya mahal kan.