Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Healthy instant meal under 5 minutes | Master Pasto Review

Most of my lunch hour is spent in a hurry. As a general physician, not only do I have to do ward rounds in the morning, but I also have to see patients in the clinic afterwards. And we do not have designated lunch hours. Depending on the work load, it can mean no lunch at all. But it's definitely not healthy because irregular meal times can make my gastritis play up.

Besides cash on delivery options, it's nearly impossible to get my hands on nutritious hot lunch. And being Asian, I prefer hot food than cold salad or sandwich anytime.
I'm glad that Master Pasto has produced convenient instant pasta so I can finally get yummy hot lunch under 5 minutes!

There are 3 main flavours available- spaghetti bolognaise, mushroom and aglo olio. These are the most popular pasta sauce that one can get from any decent Western restaurants.

Bolognaise is a tomato based sauce. An Italian classic that goes so well with chicken. The Master Pasto version is more on the sweet side.

The mushroom variety is served in carbonara sauce. This is a cream based sauce that comes with mushroom slices and some chicken. It's slightly sour in flavour.

Aglo olio is spicy in flavour with generous drizzle of olive oil. It goes well with seafood such at prawns and squid. But the Master Pasto version is more saucy with chicken pieces.

The pasta is of Angel hair variety because it's thinner and easier to reheat.
What's more, these instant pasta also have the halal stamp so I can share with my Muslim friends at ease. Great food is meant to be shared!

There are two ways of preparing these pasta.  I prefer the microwave option as it's easily available in my clinic's pantry.

There's no need to refrigerate the pasta even though it's already cooked. And there's no MSG or preservatives. Much healthier than my occasional Curry noodles or calorie loaded char kuay teow.

This is a short video showing the most basic way to cook the instant pasta. For your information, I managed to prepare dinner in 15 minutes only!

If I'm up to it, I can also add additional ingredients for the pasta such as carrots, tomatoes, chicken, extra mushroom, cheese and sausages. That will take up maybe another 5 minutes to prepare.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I love how convenient and fresh these Master Pasto pasta are. It even comes with proper meat and vegetables in the sauce. And it doesn't taste like instant pasta at all. The portion is just nice and even for a picky eater like Bing, he practically licked the plate clean and still asked for more. But we prefer to reheat the pasta for at least two minutes after adding some hot water because the pasta will be softer and less salty which is how we like it. 

So now I don't even have to pick up my phone and order for lunch/stress for dinner! All I need is less than 5 minutes. I can also easily get my supply from Master Pasto's website because delivery is free within Peninsula Malaysia

Master Pasto sites


ina azlin said...

cantik packaging dia. Bagus lah ada instant macam ni,tak lah leceh.Memudahkan kerja-kerja mama macam ni. Nampaknya,memang kena buat stock ni banyak2.Mana lah tau,satu hari kesihatan tak baik ke nak keluar,ada pasta instant ni.Bagus

Fatin Diana said...

senangnya! jimat masa jugak. nak beli la nanti

Dr Yingzangel said...

Bust kerja mak mak senang :)

mek yunie said...

lapar pulak tengok time tengahari niii ..

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