Friday, April 12, 2019

Combat fatigue and stress | Toku Tsuru Drip Chicken Essence review

We have been taking turns to fall sick for the past month or so. It must be the seasonal virus and bad weather. My poor boys and I are still recovering from bad eye infections. The fact that Mr husband has frequent trips hours away from home means that I'm a single mother most of the month. Am really grateful for my parents and inlaws help to manage the household.

Mom and I, in particular, have been sleep deprived and tired both physically and emotionally. We are pretty excited when these Toku Tsuru chicken essence arrived in mail. I have previously tried their bird's nest which is of great quality- link here.

What's the benefit of consuming chicken essence?

Essence of chicken has been touted as an effective traditional remedy to combat fatigue and stress because it's rich in anserine and carnosine which are important amino acids found in the muscles and brain tissue. They have antioxidant and anytiglycation effects. I found this interesting study here which only involved 20 healthy male participants but it's a randomized control trial which is one of the most accurate way of assessing the effect of  chicken essence. After a month, there was shorter reaction time for cognitive tasks aka less mental fatigue.

Toku Tsuru Essence of Chicken

Extracted from 100 days Taiwan black-feathered chicken, this Essence of Chicken is very different from other commercially available products. This is because it only uses free range chicken as well which are reared in spacious environment and are more nutritious.

Let me bring you through the process of making essence of chicken.

Traditional chicken essence uses the double boiling method which then had all the cholesterol and fat removed. Excess water was then removed to make the essence more concentrated. It's then filtered and additives were used to keep the density, color and nutritional value consistent. It's bottled and vacuum sealed then sterilised. This produces the standard black colored chicken essence.

On the other hand, Toku Tsuru Drip Essence of Chicken is extracted using slow fire and high temperature steaming without water added. Cholesterol and fat are then removed. The water content is preserved so that nutrients like amino acids are not lost. It's then filtered and packed into aluminum foil bag without additives subsequently sterilised.

There are two types of packaging available. 6 and 15 bags with the bigger packaging bringing better value for money of course. Instead of buying at RM40 each bag, it's RM512 for 15 bags during their mother's day campaign (22 April to 12 May 2019)

How to consume Toku Tsuru Essence of Chicken?

Immerse the packet in a glass of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Or empty the contents into a bowl and heat it with electric cooker.

Who can consume Toku Tsuru Essence of Chicken?
Being a full-time working mother who's also breastfeeding, I need this to chase away fatigue.

Almost everyone! From children, adults, pregnant ladies to the elderly, this essence is recommended by Toku Tsuru. The same applies to breastfeeding mothers and mothers in confinement. Children are advised to consume only half of the serving in one go. Have a serving with an empty stomach an hour before breakfastand another 2 hours before sleep for the best effect.

However if you suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney or liver diseases, please consult your healthcare professionals before consuming.
What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I thoroughly enjoy the taste of the essence of chicken. It doesn't have the classical pungent smell and taste. Instead, it smells just like freshly cooked chicken soup that's concentrated. The taste is equally heavenly with a smooth texture. So even if you don't usually fancy essence of chicken, Toku Tsuru Drip Essence of Chicken will give you a pleasant surprise.

Besides having it on its own, I have also tried adding the essence to dishes such as steam chicken pieces with red dates and goji berries because it really makes the flavors pop.

Instead of the conventional glass bottles, Toku Tsuru is conveniently packaged into 50ml aluminum bags which is great for those who travel a lot. The simple reheating method can be done even from the most basic hotel room away from home. A great tonic and energy booster on the go.

This mother's day surprise your mothers with Toko Tsuru Drip Essence of Chicken from PMMII now.


Zaza Iman said...

Rasa macam mana tu ying.. Tgk pack dia mmg mudah nak bawak kalau gi bercuti ke.

Mimie said...

Apa rasanya ye? Tak pernah try minuman macam ni. Tapi banyak khasiat bagus juga diamalkan

Eintan Nurfuzie said...

perlukan minuman tambahan untuk kesihatan bila menjangkau usia 30 an.

Wawa Ashihara said...

Ini mcm minuman tambahan utk tenaga ke? Xpernah nampak lg..

Tengkubutang said...

oh. essence of chicken yea.. ok sangat kalau serasi dengan u, bagus untuk kesihatan especially mommy macam kita ni..

Shad said...

First time hearing about essence of chicken. Boost energy, nice. Rasa dia OK x. Hihi.

Lea Azleeya said...

Minuman baru.. best ke rasa dia tu Dr.?

Sunshine Kelly said...

Wow this is so convenient for busy and on the go people like us.

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