Thursday, April 18, 2019

How to clean dirty shoes fast and easy | Dirt Out by On''Goin review

I have big feet. So it can be fairly difficult for me to get a good and beautiful pair of shoes because I'm a size 10. Therefore I'm always reluctant to throw away an old pair of shoes. But with time, dust and dirt get collected onto the shoes and it can be a tough job to scrub them off, let alone making them look new again.

How did I use to clean my shoes?

1. Soak shoes in laundry detergent and water for half an hour.
2. Scrub very hard to get rid of stains which can be stubborn.
3. Wash off the detergent.
4. Air dry the shoes under the sun for at least half an day.

This is at least take up half an hour for each pair of shoes. Being a full-time working mother, I need something better and faster.

Dirt Out by On''Goin

On''Goin started to be a company producing affordable and durable shoes. This must come with their revolutionary shoe cleaning solution called Dirt Out.

Watch my short video to see how effective and easy it is to clean a pair of shoes. They look spanking new! Just a few simple wipes with a wash cloth. Additionally, it is made with 98.3% natural ingredients which is fully biodegradable with antibacterial effects.

Simply pump out the foaming solution onto a wash cloth. Wipe the dirty shoes. There's no need for scrubbing. Tada, done!

What's more, Dirt Out can be used for footwear made by various materials such as canvas, rubber, leather, vinyl, nylon, PVC, PU, mesh etc. There's also no need to air dry the shoes which may become somewhat hardened after being exposed under the sun. This is also useful if you only own a pair of shoes that's dirty and have limited time to air dry before next use.

The twin pack is sold on Lazada at only RM24.90

In addition, On"goin also produces shoes made from EVA foam. This is a type of polymer which has good clarity and gloss, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, water proof and resistance to UV radiation.

We have gotten 6 pairs of shoes so far. The design is suitable for the whole family-- from my parents, my husband and I to my 3year old toddler.
Sandals for baby Bing

Sandals for me

Covered shoes for mom

They offer a good range of covered shoes and sandals. I love how soft and comfortable the shoes feel. The price tag is also very affordable.

Interested? More information on


ina said...

Oh,murah jer yea produk ni. Banyak pula kekotoran yang boleh tanggal.. hebat!

Dr Yingzangel said...

Btul. Lepas tu kasut pun tak basah

Zaza Iman said...

Menarik produknya.. Natural ingredient, harga pun murah jgk tu

Mimie said...

Murahnya. Ok i nak beli satu lah. Nak try jugak

Dr Yingzangel said...

Btul lagi menarik sebab tak mahal

Dr Yingzangel said...

Memang best kalau tak de Masa nak keringkan kasut

Tengkubutang said...

wahhh senangnya nak cuci kasut lepas ni sebab ada dirt out ni.. harga pun mampu beli.. nak try cari lah.. berguna ni

Lea Azleeya said...

produk baru ke Dr.. nampak menarik..

Syamimi Saad said...

Mudahnya bersihkan kasut mcm tu je.
Ni kalau malas bersihkan kasut pn blh jd rajin ni.
Harga pun murah.

Sunshine Kelly said...

This is so convenient, i might need to get one for myself also.

iuzira said...

Bagusnya ada produk macam ni, boleh la try kalau okey boleh recommend kat kawan

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