Monday, April 1, 2019

Simple skincare routine | Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle cleansing cream and sun screen

Our whole family was down with a virus last week! But life still had to go on. And I'm glad that everyone is well enough to go back to work and school. And of course I have to restart my blogging momentum during my free time. 

The recent haze and hot weather has not been kind on my skin either. And I'm glad when these Sanny & Joleen products arrived in mail. I have recently used their antioxidant serum and reviewed about it here

The concept for Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle products is being down to earth. The packaging is simple and the ingredients are natural without unnecessary fragrance or additives. Therefore, there's no mineral oil, laurate, animal derivatives, alcohol and propylene glycol. Another proudly made in Malaysia product. 

Aloe vera is widely used in many skincare products because it's moisturising and heals the damaged skin. It gives the cleansing cream a cooling effect too. 

The active ingredients in aloe vera are

Saponins- gentle cleansing and exfoliating

Lignin- allow nutrients to penetrate directly deep into the skin

Inorganic elements- anti-inflammatory

Mono& Polysaccharides- regulate excessive sebum and minimise pores

Vitamins- nourish the skin and act as antioxidants

Essential Amino acids- enhance skin cell to be more resilient to the changing environment

The amount of sunlight that we are getting recently is getting excessive. So it's even more important to get good sun protection now. An SPF of at least 30 is essential for daily use. 

What's more interesting is the antipollution technology. 

Eisenna extract- promotes fillagrin and ceramide production which act as a barrier against pollutants

Bean sprouts extract- protects DNA against mutation due to free radicals

Centaurea cynus flower (corn flower)- promotes lymphatic endothelial cells function to remove pollutants

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

The cleansing cream clears the impurities and makeup residues on my face effectively. And it doesn't dry my skin too much. The consistency is slightly watery but easy to foam up. 

The sun screen is light weight and not greasy. Even though it does form a visible barrier layer. It is also water and sweat resistant, a very important criteria for sunscreen in hot Malaysian tropical weather. And the antipollution technology comes just at right time to combat effects of the haze. 

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Cik Renex said...

ada aloe vera dalam prduk dia ye? mmg bagus la tu
cuaca skrg mmg panas mmg kena pkai sunscreen sblm keluar rumah kan

el said...

i love the produk yang ada aloe vera..terasa kulit muka sgt dilindungi..

Diana Rashid said...

Saya pun suka produk yang ada Aloe Vera. Bila pakai rasa sejuk dan kulit jadi segar. Aloe Vera ni memang banyak khasiat dia.

zaza iman said...

Menarik produknya.. Ada aloe vera.. Antara bahan yg bagus untuk kulit wajah

Lea Azleeya said...

Bagus produk ni sebab ada aloe vera.. Bagus untuk kulit..

Cik Rose said...

baru tahu tentang produk ni. bila dapat tahu kandungannya, wahh bagus ni..

Wawa Ashihara said...

tak pernah dgr produk ni lagi. Tapi bru2 ni tau psl serum sahaja. Tak sangka ada produk lain juga ya brand ni..

Eintan Nurfuzie said...

i pakai serum dia je.. x pernah cuba yang ini lagi.. boleh cuba nanti

Tengkubutang said...

TB ada try serum dia.. Kulit jadi lembap je lepas pakai serum dia.. yang cleanser TB tak pernah try lagi.. maybe boleh cuba next time..

Nadia Johari said...

wah selalu nampaak serum dia sahaja. Tak sangka ade clenaser dia.. Ramai kata serum dia best, mesti cleanser di pun best ni..

Syamimi Saad said...

kalau produk penjagaan muka ni, ada Aloe Vera,
dapat menjaga muka kota sebaiknya..
Belum pernah cuba lagi jenama ni..

Dr Yingzangel said...

Brand ni made in Malaysia!memang berkualiti. Hilang jerawat haha

siennylovesdrawing said...

always suport for Malaysian branding, will check this out as I enjoy non greasy sunscreen
cheers, siennylovesdrawing

iuzira said...

Tak pernah guna lagi brand ni, elok ke? Tapi tengok ramai yang kulit cantik lepas pakai produk ni

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