Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The inspirational story of Jamumall founder Khairul Nizam

Jamu Mall is a success story. Jamu Mall is Malaysian made. It is an online shopping platform that sells many beauty products and fashion items.

But it's never smooth sailing for Khairul Nizam, the founder. Born to have severe physical disability, he's only able to move 3 fingers on his own. What this means for the past 30years of his life is that he's fully dependent  for all this basic needs of daily living.

From eating, bathing, toileting, dressing and ambulating, he needs assistance. What's even more torturing is that he has normal intelligence. He must have spent nights crying and mourning over his disabilities. However this has become a blessing in disguise. True indeed, what doesn't kill him make him stronger.

Not only has he built a shopping empire Jamu Mall Sdn Bhd, but he has also managed to expand to a shopping platform online. This is huge success. Malaysians are buying from him, not because many know about his story and out of sympathy, but it's because his products are really of good quality.

Nizam believes that physical disability is not a hurdle to success. He perseveres in the journey of entrepreneurship and had to courage to take the first leaping step in establishing Jamu Mall. It must have taken a lot of planning to get this all set up. We have probably heard how many able bodied people failed in their business ventures. This makes all the more reason why I really salute Nizam.

Not only has he earned enough for a living, but he also has the ability to provide for his family members. He, as well as his family members, can afford to have holiday overseas at multiple destinations like Australia, Dubai, Korea and Japan. Nizam has also managed to move to a much bigger and luxurious house.

Nizam would like to encourage the rest to strive for success. He is really envious towards the able bodied who can run, walk and carry on their lives normally. But many tend to take these as granted. They give up easily and take a lackadaisical attitude in life.

He thinks that God put breaths in him for a purpose. So he works very hard. He wants to prove that the best way of living is by being grateful to everything in life. He takes these attributes as important such as strong motivation, love towards others, courage and the urge to keep improving one self.

He would like to urge everyone to put effort and make positive changes in our lives. Because he has proven that he can do it even with only 3 fingers, so why can't we?

Watch Khairul Nizam's touching speech here.

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dedeqdewishes said...


Zahirah Dzahir said...

Beliau boleh berjaya jadi apa alasan kita untuk tidak mahu berusaha

Fiza Aizzawa said...

OKU people also can even succeed.

Dilah said...

Amazing.. Kagum sangat dgn semangat insan hebat ini. Beliau mampu buktikan yg OKU juga boleh berjaya kan..

Farah Dinah Hassan said...

kental semangat dia kan

Kak Sue said...

Hebat saudara Nizam kan.. kuat semangat untuk ubah nasib..

marsha said...

Inspiring story for me...he prove us

Ana Suhana said...

kagum bila baca kisah beliau. semangat juang yang di tunjukkan wajar dicontohi masyarakat di luar sana.

Mrs Pip said...

Cerita dia buat kita terinspirasi..

Seindah senyuman said...

Wajar dicontohi setiap insan. Beliau yg kurang upaya juga mampu berjaya kenapa kita yg sempurna sifat mencipta alasan demi alasan.

Rodiah Amir said...

We can do it too..

AzlindaAlin Bicara Mummy said...

Inspired! I can do it too :)

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