Thursday, May 23, 2019

Birthday Treats for Daycare- ideas and activities

Happy belated birthday baby Bing! My eldest had just turned 3! This is his first year at kindergarten/afternoon daycare. So as new as it is a learning experience for him, it's also new for us as parents. We are glad that he loves schooling. Basically he's the positive vibe there!

Bing with his trophy, medal and gift pack coming first in individual running, games and group games just 2 weeks before turning 3.

A simple discussion with Bing and we have decided to celebrate his birthday at school. Hubby and I do take Bing's opinion seriously because it's good to train him to make decision on his own. As long as we could remember, we offer him choices as long as it's not hazardous. This makes him think and gives him a voice as well as respect.

One afternoon after school brought us to the Mr DIY near our house for gift shopping. We love to shop here because their children section is simply fabulous! Good quality craft sets, books, stationery and toys at affordable prices. We deliberately chose a few different things to mix and match. Because there's more fun in the gift preparation this way.

LOT A1 & A3, GROUND & FIRST FLOOR, LORONG BUKIT SETONGKOL PERDANA 1, Lorong Bukit Setongkol Perdana 52, PERUMAHAN, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
03-8961 1338

Baby Bing couldn't wait to prepare gift sets for his school mates. In each bag, he carefully placed an English alphabet book, a pencil with cartoon eraser attached, a whistle and a hand puppet craft set. We got 12 sets of these goodies at around RM50 only.

As for Bing's birthday cake, he decided to have a chocolate cake instead of his usual favorite pandan layer cake. We love to frequent Summer Bakery on the way to work. Not only are the pastry and cakes fresh, but it's also great value for money. We often buy bread and cake flour from the bakery as well (Baking is another Bing's hobby. That's story for another day!)

Summer Bakery
Jalan Darat Makbar, Kampung Darat Makbar, 25100 Kuantan, Pahang
016-936 8520

The Oreo chocolate cake had just the right amount of chocolate- light and not too rich. We simply love the presentation! What's the best about their cakes are that they are not too sweet. Just enough to satisfy cravings but good for parents like us who don't want to deal with more dental caries. Being a May baby as well as a Teacher's Day boy, we got 10% off because it's also Mother's Day promotion. The bakery opened as early as 7.30am so we were ready for our birthday party really early.

We notified the teachers a few days in advance and they have put up a simple yet lovely birthday decoration at school. With balloons and stuff. They have also prepared birthday hats for the children. Thank you teachers!

Bing got really excited when everyone sang a birthday song to him. As usual, he blew everyone's birthday candles and of course his! In the next half an hour, half of the cake was devoured by the happy children. We actually prefer this more traditional type of cake than fondant which has way too much sugar and artificial colouring.

After morning teatime and cake, Bing then handed the goodie bags to his school mates. The hilarious part was that he was really sad to part with the gifts and was only consoled after he also got a set himself (which explained his sulking face).

I finally managed to grab a photo with the birthday boy. So that's how awesome Bing's 3rd birthday went! I hope this gives you all some amazing ideas about what to do for your children!


Zaza Iman said...

Sedapnya kek..nak ucap Happy birthday kai bing..seronok mkn kek dgn kawan2 ❤️

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happy birthday !

Cik Rose said...

happy belated birthday, baby boy. hihi. best sambut birthday ramai-ramai macam tu ;)

Wawa Ashihara said...

Wahhh sambut birthday la.. Happy belated bufday boy.. Heehe.. Seronok kan sambut ramai2

Kak Sue said...

Happy belated birthday boy.. seronok ya buat goodies sendiri kan..

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happy birthday.. wa.. sedapnyan kek

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Happy birthday Baby Bing

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Happy birthday handsome boy.. sedapnya kek dia.. lepas sambut birthday shopping apa lak tu.. hehe

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Happy belated birthday good boy. Nampak sedap kek.

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Wow Happy Birthday to Bing!

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Happy Belated Birthday. Sedapnya ekk dia. Nyumnyumm..

Abraham said...

Happy birthday! with you all the best.

perfect Teeth perfect smile :)


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