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Facial Cleanser for the tropical weather | Kiseki Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser Review

The hot and humid weather in tropical Malaysia can be both a bonus and downside for sensitive skin. For those with dry skin, it's less likely to get cracked and itchy skin, as well as eczema. However, problems like clogged pores, blemishes and acne are commonplace. I'm happy to introduce you all to my new discovery of a great facial cleanser which is specifically working amazingly in tropical weather-- Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser!

About Kiseki Japan
Kiseki Japan is a registered product in Japan and also certified by Malaysia Ministry of Health.  Quality control, product research & development and production process are 100% done in the manufacturing plant based in Japan which is globally recognized as the best quality in the world for skincare.

Kiseki means miracle in Japanese. Miss Cecil Beh is the founder of Kiseki Japan, who advocates women should make the best effort to achieve a confident appearance. She is a feminist and believes that a women should be confidence and happy being more active in professional workspace and business, as well as bringing positive vibes to her environment. To achieve that, her cleanliness is very important.

The main function of this cleanser are based on 3 principles-- foundation of youth, hydration and relaxation.
Foundation of youth -- Marine Fish Collagen
The majority of ingredient which is fish collagen is sourced from a prestige brand in Japan. It is water soluble and derived from hydrolyzation of fish scale. The ultrafine molecules are able to penetrate into pores to cleanse thoroughly and hydrate every layers of the skin. It also has minimal odor and is almostcolorless. The active ingredients in marine collagen such as proline and hydroxyproline are great moisturisers, acts to maintain skin elasticity and prevent excessive sebum production.
Foundation of Hydration-- Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is quite common to be known as a great ingredient for skincare products in the tropical climate. It minimises pores to create the look of velvety and smooth skin. In addition, Royal jelly also helps makeup to stay longer and adhere better by sealing skin hydration.
Foundation of Relaxation-- Natural Plant Based Fragrance Extract

By using natural ingredients, it reduces the risk of allergies and make the product more suitable for those with sensitive skin.
Besides that, Kiseki Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser also does not contain paraben and any other preservative, as well as artificial colouring.

How to use the cleanser?

Step 1. Place the face soap in the mesh provided and wet it. Gently rub it with your palm to create  fine foam.

Step 2. Gently wash outwards and upwards all over your face .
Step 3. Wash off with lukewarm water (do not use hot nor cold water to wash) and  then pat dry using a clean towel.
Step 4. Apply toner.
Step 5. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer so that your skin has sufficientskin care product tot absorb.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

It's interesting that this cleanser comes in the form for a soap bar. I personally prefer liquid based cleanser in a tube because it's much easier to travel with. But the mesh that comes with the product makes it fairly easy to keep the soap bar in the bathroom with no mess and also just put everything together into a case while on the go.

I am doctor which has no regular working time with on-calls and always being tired. After using the product, my tired and dull skin immediately look clear and brighter! No traces of oil or impurities left on the skin. I think that's why Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser is also great for oily or combination skin like mine. My face feels so clean and refreshed with a faint floral scent left.
As this product enhances absorption of other skincare products, I could really use a generous amount after cleansing to give an extra boost to my face.
Besides that, marine collagen is one of the most versatile as it doesn't pose any cultural or religious issues in our multicultural society unlike sourcing collagen with other cheaper varieties such as bovine and porcine sources. However, those allergic to fish may also be allergic to marine collagen. So always do a patch test on your inner arm at least a day before trying it on your face if you are allergic to fish.
Interested? Head to Kiseki Japan sites to know find out more. The retail price is RM139. But quote this code angelpromo to get it at RM119 instead during their Mother's day promotion.
Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser has 1 for men and for women. Make sure you choose the correct one before checking out.

Kiseki Japan


Azlinda said...

Nampak mcm best

Dr Yingzangel said...

Sgt foamy. Effective cleansing too

Azlinda said...

i like fish marine collagen ingredients !

Kak Sue said...

Macam menarik ja.. guna bahan semulajadi lagi kan..

Nadia Johari said...

Tak pernh pakai barangan jepun lagi.. Sabun mcm ni dengan bahan fish marine dan collagen.. Bagus sgt ni

Wawa Ashihara said...

Ada fish marine ya.. Bagus ni sbb byk collagen..

marsha said...

Bestnya nampak Dr Ying guna....ada marine collagen lagi

Bonde Zaidalifah said...

Menarik untuk dicuba! Tak pernah guna produk dr Jepun.

Lea Azleeya said...

kene cuba jugak ni... cm menarik jerk..

iuzira said...

Boleh tahan berapa lama ni? Kalau kulit berminyak atau jerawat boleh me guna?

Emi said...

haven't heard about this brand before. but it looks good.

Sunshine Kelly said...

Oh yes I always love japanese facial soap they are so gentle on the skin and effective also.

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