Thursday, June 6, 2019

2 Syawal Yang Dipertuan Agong Open House Istana Abdul Aziz Kuantan

Early in the morning, I asked baby Bing who just woke up from sleep-- do you want to go to the palace and see the King? He was so excited and immediately gave the affirmative. That's after an awesome experience during the MB's Open House on 1 Syawal. So that's our very first visit to the Sultan Abdul Aziz palace at Indera Mahkota, Kuantan, Pahang. As the current Sultan is also Yang Dipertuan Agong, we were expecting a huge crowd!

The palace office was kind enough to arrange for additional parking spaces at the Kotasas gallery as well as the International Islamic University of Malaysia. We chose the latter because it was just 8 minutes' drive away from home. As usual, we left about half an hour early because with 2 boys in tow, we needed to avoid most of the crowd. There was frequent shuttle vans from the parking lots heading to the palace. The late King had just deceased during the month of Ramdhan, so we observed the solemn period of mourning by wearing colors like black, white and dark blue.

The palace was magnificently built on top of a slight hill. We loved the sky blue exterior. We were led from the front yard to the side yard which overlooked the rest of Kuantan Town by the pool side.

Many white tents were set up for the Rakyat to dine in. The weather was slightly cloudy and at one point it started to drizzle a little but we were glad that only lasted during the first 30 minutes.

Food wise, there was chicken rendang (fried and braised), beef rendang, ketupat, lemang, satay, achar, tomato rice, fried noodles and fried kuantan teow. There were also assorted kuih such as kuih bahulu, peanut cookies, chocolate cookies and kuih semperit.

Dessert can't run away from everyone's favourite icicles as well as cakes. Even though it's cooked in bulk, I would say overall the food was splendid and just had the right balance of spices and flavours. Even baby Bing was starting to accept the spicy chicken rendang.

The highlight of the event was wefie with the Yang Dipertuan Agong, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'atatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah. We were so star struck by the end of it and were pleasantly surprised at how approachable He was. He even casually asked Bing whether his icicle was tasty or not.

Children always have the most fun during festive seasons. Besides roaming around the palace grounds, they were also blessed by the King's duit Raya. Long Live the King!

There's the exhausted baby Bing hugging his blessings to sleep. That marked our 2 extraordinary Raya Open Houses in 2019!

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