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How much exercise is enough? | BH fitness treadmill review

As an general physician,  I often tell my patients to exercise because most of them are sedentary and obese.  But how much is enough? What should be done? I do think a correct exercise prescription is essential in helping patient to achieve fitness.

This is a great mnemonic that sums up all the components of an exercise prescription- FITT.

Frequency- at least 3 times a week
Intensity- moderate or greater
Time- 30 minutes or longer
Type- aerobic/endurance, strength/resistance, mobility/stretching, warm up and cool down

Moderate intensity exercise means the person is too winded to sing, but not so winded they cannot talk which will be considered as vigorous exercise. Warming up prepares the body for more vigorous activity whereas cooling down tunes the body down to avoid low blood pressure and fainting after exercise.

Good exercise equipments are also an important part of a sustainable and comprehensive exercise program. If one cannot commit to a gym membership to gain access to a variety of equipments and possibly a personal trainer,  it maybe worthwhile investing in a good piece that can allow most types of exercise to be done.

BH Fitness is a Spanish based multinational company that has been around for about a century now.  It produces high quality user focused sports equipment both home and commercial settings. It can be found in over 65 countries worldwide. Malaysia is honoured to be part of the BH family.

BH Fitness Malaysia Sdn Bhd

23, Jalan PJS 11/1, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
03-5621 0516
Official website

I have recently tried their BT6380 Vector Treadmill and these are the plus points that I have found.

BT6380 Vector Treadmill

The treadmill comes with 12 preset programs that tailors to the need to achieve FITT as I just described for an average adult by changing the speed,  incline and duration. It also starts by warming up at a slow pacing speed and similarly cool down slowly after the workup. Older adults and those with medical issues such as coronary heart disease and arthritis modifications should be done as per the same FITT principle.

The design also provides plenty of space to place 2 big water bottles at least 1L capacity each, an iPad rack and 2 holding racks to place other items such as towels.  So I don't have to pause my exercise just to grab these few essential items.

The other cool setting is the Eco mode. With the recent price hike in the electricity bill,  most household bills have at least doubled.  The Eco mode can at least save 30% electricity compared to the normal mode but it doesn't compromise the functionality of the treadmill.

When one gets this machine online, the treadmill will get delivered by an delivery service.  It's fairly lightweight and easy to set up. It only takes about 90 seconds from unfolding,  locking the tubes and console. Then one can start running! I can fold the treadmill up to free up some space after running effortlessly.

Instead of having the treadmill occupying a big space at home,  the BT6380 Vector Treadmill has a hydraulic mechanism that allows it to be lifted and partially folded to save space as well.

Watch my short YouTube video here about the BT6380 Vector Treadmill.

If you are still wondering how to start exercising,  talk to your healthcare professional or any BH Fitness personnel today! It's never too late to regain fitness and health by exercising.  Investing in good quality and durable fitness equipment is always a great headstart. Don't forget losing a mere 5kg can help to lower systolic blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels.

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