Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Natural and multifunctional skincare products | D'RAN wonder series review

Working for long hours with many meetings and backlogged administrative work create much stress and sleep deprivation for me in the past month. Not to mention my two cute boys who consistently wake up before 7am. These spell recipe for a skin disaster-- dull complexion, blocked pores, blemishes, dark circles, eye bags and a puffy unrefreshed face. What the others in the healthcare line will amicably call it as a post call face. The hot and humid weather speed up your aging process even faster unfortunately.

Therefore I'm genuinely excited to unbox these D'RAN Korean skincare products! All I want is good skin without much makeup on. That's why I only use and introduce you all to quality products!

D'RAN Korean skincare products do not contain mineral oil, paraben and alcohol which are common additives in skincare products. These may cause allergy or dehydrate the skin. For vegans and animal lovers, be reassured that D'RAN products are cruelty free, ie not tested using animals.
D'RAN Korean skincare has introduced the wonder series to tackle skin problems like mine. It aims to protect our skin from losing moisture and maintain oil balance, thus halting the skin ageing process. The 4 main functions of this series are: quenching dry skin, maintaining firm skin, brightening the skin and protecting the skin. Let me bring you through the 3 products I have been using lately.

D'RAN wonder hydrating cleanser
This foam cleanser lathers easily and cleanse the skin from impurities effectively yet is not harsh or irritant to the skin. Moreover, it helps to maintain moisture and pH balance of our skin. It's suitable for daily use twice a day.

The active ingredients are

-Argan Oil is rich in polyphenol, vitamin E and Omega 3&6. These are potent antioxidants and soothes irritated skin.

-Jojoba seed oil is similar to the structure of sebum produced by our skin in order to lock your moisture and prevent water loss from the skin.

-Macademia nut oil is well absorbed by the skin aka the vanishing oil. Containing palmitoleic acid, it restores the skin by maintaining elasticity.

D'RAN hydrating mineral mist

This facial mist can double as toner. The spraying action allows the active ingredients and moisture to penetrate into the skin. It's a great product in hot tropical weather like Malaysia because it also has a cooling effect. What's even better is that it can also be easily used on a face with full makeup on without destroying the look.

D'RAN hydrating mineral mist is made from:

-Alaska glacial milk is rich in natural minerals which also provides great hydrating effect to quench thirsty skin and keeps the skin radiant

- Hydrolyzed marine collagen is an important skin component to maintain elasticity. If you want to know more about the benefits of collagen in skincare products read my previous post.

How to use?

-For first use, keep pumping until the first spray was delivered.
-Aim the mist about arm's length.
-Spray it onto the face.
-Repeat as frequently as needed when the skin feels dry.

D'RAN wonder snail treatment cream

After cleansing and toning, it's time to moisturise and pamper you skin with this awesome treatment cream! It also functions similarly to a sleeping mask. D'RAN wonder snail treatment cream has anti wrinkle and skin whitening effect. It helps to fade scar, enhance skin barrier, restore radiance and moisture by the means of antioxidant effects.

The active ingredients include

- Snail Secretion Filtrate, although sounds yucky, is actually a great skin food containing hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, antimicrobial and copper peptides. This interesting article talks all about the use of snail in beauty.

-Silkworm Cocoon Extract is taken from silk fibre threads which contains sericin that is a great moisturiser as well as exfoliator.

How to use?

Apply and lightly pat the cream onto the skin at least every night before sleep.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I always advocate the use of natural and plant based ingredients in my skincare regime. Therefore, D'RAN Korean skincare totally fits the bill. These are called phytonutrients and have so many beneficial effects that I have recently talked about in this post.

Furthermore, D'RAN products are multifunctional. Perfect for those with a hectic lifestyle who needs a good and simple skincare regime. I just need these 3 products to get through my day, perhaps just to add on a sunscreen as the last step before I head to work.

This is a short YouTube video of me trying out the D'RAN products. There's a reason why I don't like wearing my glasses. Look at the difference in the video! I look so much more matured and aged in my specs.

Want to give D'RAN Korean skincare a try? Head on to their Malaysian websites now.


el said...

Wahh macam insteresting jer product ni..ada argain oil tu iols suka..ur skin look glowinglah

Azlinda said...

semua barangannya nampak best.

Kak Sue said...

Macam best ja produk nie.. kulit you pun nampak cantik sangat..

Bonde Zaidalifah said...

Argan oil mmg bagus, i suka guna dekat rambut dan skin..

Eintan Nurfuzie said...

ya, i tooo. soo bz.. anyway dah ada this product

marsha said...

Menariknya produk ni Ying....boleh cuba nanti

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