Friday, June 14, 2019

Nursing Away from Home made easy | Adrini's Nursing Inner Review

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and one of the aspects that I totally enjoy as a mother of 2. Because it gives me a sense of being able to meet the needs of my children. Not only does it nourishes them physically but the bossom also provides a strong sense of security and helps them to build a secured attachment to me as a mother. As I weaned my eldest from the breast when he was 2years and 8months because tandem nursing can be tough, I felt a sudden emptiness and guilt that I can no longer be as closed to him anymore.

Therefore, nursing friendly clothes allow me to nurse freely in the public. As natural as it is for us adults to eat when we are hungry, young babies also need to feed whenever and whereever they are famished! It may not be feasible to find a secluded spot/ nursing room/ get into my car to feed the baby who is screaming his heads off wanting to feed. Note here, both my boys hate nursing cover so I have never used one. They will refuse to feed and make even a bigger fuss.

There are various styles of nursing clothes available in the market. Some includes a double hidden flap, some with zips. This allows us to maintain modesty without exposing too much of the tummy when lifting up the clothes for a quick feed in the public.

Adrini's is a Malaysian brand that offers many comfortable and stylish maternity and nursing clothes for mothers. I was honoured with the chance to try their nursing inner recently.

I love how bright the color of orange is this Adrini's nursing inner.
This series of inner wear comes in many colors including army green, black, orange and red. It's stylish, the material soft and comfortable. In our Malaysian tropical weather, this nursing inner is also airy and absorbs sweat easily without compromising on the thickness of the shirt so that it's not seen through easily. Not only that it also enhances our feminine figure/silhouette perfectly.

Besides that, the Adrini's nursing inner needs very minimal care. It's machine washable, dries fast under the sun. The Adrini's inner doesn't wrinkle much and no ironing is required!

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I think the Adrini's nursing inner is an essential item in the wardrobe for nursing mothers. It's beautiful, easy to wear, modest yet stylish. And it makes breastfeeding in and away from home so effortless and elegant. Additionally, because it's long in design, it also makes me look slimmer.

Importantly, it's easy and fast to reveal the nipples for quick access while breastfeeding. No fiddling before my boy loses patient while waiting as there are no buttons or zips. The design also offers double protection to avoid maybe not so innocent passerbys from revealing our precious asset. There's overlapping material both sideways and from above, making nursing cover redundant.

The Adrini's nursing inner is also versatile. It can be worn on its own without appearing too baggy or too pyjamas-like. Pairing with a buttoned up cardigan, it's also suitable for a shopping trip or even office wear. As for the bottoms, it looks great with skirts, tights or slacks. At the price tag of RM40 each piece, it's indeed value for money.

After trying out this nursing inner, I'm so tempted to acquire a few other nursing wear designs such as Adrini's long flowing maxi dress and Ranaerissa by Adrini's (long sleeved nursing top suitable for work wear). 

Besides nursing wear, Adrini's also has its range of modern looking maternity wear and Muslimah fashion such as baju kurung modern, kebaya and matching suits with pants for a shrewd corporate look. The Raya collection is definitely worth owning as well. Browsing through their Instagram makes me feel like owning almost each clothing article. Mommies can also get great children wear like unisex hoodie and cute lacy dresses.

So, mothers, head on to Adrini's to get your own nursing clothes now. Or dear spouses, buy some as a surprise gift for her birthday/ anniversary. She will love you for it!

Adrini's official website


Siti Awadah said...

its look so nice and lovely. Ready to wear also... luv it

AzlindaAlin Bicara Mummy said...

senang ada baju menyusu macam ni. I dah alamai sendiri hehehe

Kak Sue said...

Menarik ada baju macam nie.. senang untuk ibu-ibu kan..

Aiman said...

good sharing info to other mommy

AMAL said...

a good innovation

marsha said...

Wah can ootd with new cardigan or nice

Sunshine Kelly said...

This is very user friendly for nursing mom.

Mimie said...

Wah nice inner ni. Memang nyrsing friendly. Nanti nak belu satu untuk sendiri. Cantik pakai macam tuh je

Dr Yingzangel said...

It suits you kak. U should try it

Dr Yingzangel said...

Tulah tak seksi kat luar

Dr Yingzangel said...

Memang..Bab menyusu ni amat penting

Dr Yingzangel said...

Byk colour juga

Dr Yingzangel said...

Yes dear! Nursing mom can look stylish too

Dr Yingzangel said...

Marsha you will look great in one of these

Dr Yingzangel said...

Yes. Very comfortable!

Dr Yingzangel said...

Yup I need a few more of this!

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