Monday, July 15, 2019

Is probiotic skincare worth the hype? | Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion by Japan Premium

Here comes another popular Japanese skincare product from Japan Premium! Our skin will not be healthy without adequate moisture. Besides hydrating ourselves with fluids, we also need to protect our skin by applying moisturizer. Besides dry and flaky skin, dehydrated skin may also manifest as sensitive skin prone to itchy rash/eczema, when makeup does not adhere well and appear in blotches. It may also cause premature skin aging and make fine lines appear much earlier.

Many of us may have come across using water after being rinsed with rice as a remedy for dry skin. The Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion is formulated from the same principle. This is because this water contains important probiotics for our skin.

The use of probiotics in alleviating gut problems such as indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome is well described and has many anecdotal evidence in the literature. But do you know that probiotics can also be helpful for our skin? The normal healthy skin contains a balanced bacterial microbiota.

Probiotic skincare products help to maintain a balanced state of the skin.  It makes the skin neither too oily nor too dry and tones down inflammation- the secret to a flawless glow.

This includes the staphylococcus species which is important to retain moisture and oil balance on the skin, as well as to strengthen our skin's ability to function as a protective barrier against irritants, pollutants,  UV and harmful bugs. Skin staphylococcus does this by breaking down sebum into glycerin which is a moisturizing ingredient found in many skincare products. It also produces antibacterial peptides to fight against bad bacteria which cause inflammation .

The other active ingredients found in the Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion are as follow:

- Lactobacillus La Flora:
This is a good bug with registered trademark under Ichimaru Faruco Ltd. It functions as a bug which produces lactic acid which increase the amount of moisture in the skin, protect the skin against sun damage and improve the skin's natural barrier function.

Lactobacillus also helps by maintaining the skin's weakly acidic pH balance which is often disrupted due to sweating and excessive sun exposure.

- Lactoferrin/yoghurt/whey protein:
These ingredients are found abundantly in human liquid gold aka breast milk as well. They contain collagen and amino acids that are essential in making the skin supple, firm and radiant.

- Chlorella/Aloe Vera/Scarlet roots:
This combination works well to soothe irritated skin,  further alleviates inflammation and prevent breakouts.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I love how hydrated my skin feels after using the lotion twice a day after cleansing. It works fast within minutes and I could feel the instant boost. The lotion is also suitable for use on both the face and the whole body.

Suzuki Herb Probiotic Lotion is available at Japan Premium. 


Lea Azleeya said...

ada produk baru lagi.. best jugak yg ni..

Unknown said...

Jimat la macam ni. sebab boleh guna pada badan dan muka.

Bonde Zaidalifah said...

Nice product.. Boleh try lepas ni.

Lia Hasty said...

Wah nama Suzuki dah macam jenama motor. Anyway boleh Cuba pasni.

iuzira said...

Biasa boleh guna kat muka je, ni kat badan pun boleh senanglah tak perlu beli banyak produk

Ana Suhana said...

The lotion look so good for the skin. Like it.

Kak Sue said...

Wah produk baru lagi ya.. macam best juga nie..

Sunshine Kelly said...

This brand is new to me, their ingredients are very unique. Will check it out.

marsha said...

Probiotic skincare? 1st time heard this...look nice

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