Sunday, July 28, 2019

Water free facial cleansing | Phasilab Instant Demake Series

I love putting on makeup. It instantly fix all the flaws including the pigmented areas, area of breakouts, eye bags and dark circles. Using simple things like eyeliner and lipstick can make the face look vibrant.  But I hate taking makeup off. It requires multiple steps and lots of time which I simply don't have. Therefore,  I'm so excited to discover Phasilab Instant Demake Series by Cosderm.

Cosderm is a skincare company proudly owned by Malaysians which bring big brands to us. This includes Phasilab, Revision Skincare, PK24 Advanced and Hydropeptide. It emphasizes on medical skincare endorsed by physicians. The products are 100% genuine and imported,  as well as approved by US FDA.

This series of Phasilab products uses the micellar water technology. They function as cleanser, makeup remover and toner. By immersing a cotton pad with a few drops of Phasilab Demake, the surfactant is attached to the cotton on one side with another end free to bind impurities and makeup. In other words,  the micelles are like microscopic magnets that effectively cleanse and leave nothing behind. Simply wipe the face in circular motions and repeat until the cotton pad becomes clean. There's no rinsing required.

The Phasilab Demake Series can be used on the face,  lips, eyes and decollete. It's equally important to remove makeup from all these areas.

It's made of potent ingredients but free of harmful paraben, alcohol and artificial fragrance. Tested by dermatologist,  Phasilab Demake keeps the skin clean, fresh and hydrated.

Phasilab Instant Demake S

This micellar water is suitable for use around delicate area such as the eyes as well as for sensitive skin. It cleanses in depth and unclog  blocked pores to prevent acne formation as it contains liquorice extract. It also hydrates and help to maintain skin pH balance.

Full ingredient list


Phasilab Instant Demake HA

This variety, on the other hand,  contains hyaluronic acid aka collagen which is the top recipe for supple and radiant skin.  It's great for dry to normal skin types. It also contains Camomilla recutita extract which soothes dry and sensitive skin. The micellar water also helps to maintain the water and sebum balance of the skin.

Full ingredient list

Water (Aqua),PEG-6 Caprylic /Capric Glycerides,Glycerin, Allantoin,Disodium EDTA,Chamomilla Recutita Flower extract,Sodium Hyaluronate,Urea,Sodium PCA,Trehalose, Triacetin, Polyquaternium-51, Cetrimonium Bromide.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I find Phasilab Demake really convenient. After a late night out, the last thing I want to do is to spend half an hour to remove all traces of makeup. Because I just want to hit the sack.  But makeup residues can cause clogged pores and dull skin color. Therefore it is extremely important to cleanse properly. By using Phasilab Demake twice a day, it shortens my skincare time at least by half.

Now,  the exciting part!  I'll have 2 lucky winners who will each get
• PHASILAB Instant Demake S (30ml)  x1
• PHASILAB Instant Demake HA (30ml)  x1

How to win?
1. LIKE & FOLLOW my FB or IG page @yingzangel
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Result will be announced on 13 August 2019. Good luck!

Want to know more about the product?

Cosderm website
Phasilab website


Joshylin said...

would love try this product... add this bio oil to moisturised your skin from inside and outside.

Ninja Blogging said...

I think i should try this maybe. I got very sensitive skin. Sometimes certain micelar water still not suitable for my skin. Glad that i found your blog and this entry.

Done follow here!
Lets blogwalking to my site :)

Sunshine Kelly said...

Me too, i love to makeup and always ensure my double cleansing steps

Nadia Johari said...

Memng sebelum cuci muka, i pakai makeup remover..comelnya botol dia..mudh dibaa ke mana-mana

Ana Suhana said...

Now less time require to remove all make up :)

Syamimi Saad said...

Jarang guna brand lain untuk micellar water. Kecuali brand safi je. Blh try ni.

Kak Sue said...

Wah Cosmoderm pun dah ada micellar water ya.. boleh try juga nanti..

Lea Azleeya said...

wahhh bestnye.. kene cuba jugak ni..

marsha said...

Water free? Wah menarik ni Ying.

Blog AzlindaAlin Bicara Mummy said...

A lahai comel packagingnya

Mimie said...

Ermmm... Boleh try jugak ni.. Looks interesting

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