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Unique cocktail and delicious pizzas in KL | Naked Restaurant KL Review

This is such a striking name- Naked Restaurant. But rest assure that no one is actually naked in the restaurant. But it is an apt name because the food and drinks are presented in the 'naked' manner-- the freshest and well presented.

Naked Restaurant
Located in: Hartamas Shopping Centre
Address: Block E-0-2 & E-1-2 Plaza Damas, 6, Block E-0-2 & E-1-2 Plaza Damas & Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: Mondays- Sundays 11am–12am
Phone: 03-6206 1623
Official website

Naked Restaurant is perhaps one of the most popular hangout place as a sports bar. But it is also great for families with young children, especially for lunches and dinners.

The outdoor sitting has comfortable couches for people to lounge on and to relax during the day.

The indoor sitting is air-conditioned with a huge TV screening the latest soccer match. We love the cool antique motorcycle in the dining area as well as the striking red couch.

Or choose to sit at a proper table with lovely decoration by the bar. Smoking is allowed on the premise because the kitchen is located upstairs.

Naked has an interesting list of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to choose from. They do take making a good drink very seriously.

Happy Juice is a good and healthy choice, especially for children. This is a smoothie made from
fresh banana,  yoghurt drink, honey and milk. It's not sweet and in fact tasted a bit soury and fizzy.

The cocktail list in the Naked Restaurant is a must try especially for the two following cocktails.

Tea for Mojitwo is an interesting pot of rum, passion fruit, mint leaves and lime juice. This combination is refreshing and fruity. I could not discern the amount of alcohol in the cocktail until I felt the alcohol kicking into my system.

Pina Colada is a classic cocktail. Besides rum, coconut liquor,  coco milk and pineapple juice are also part of the fun mixture. This makes a slightly stronger tasting liquor which goes well with the fresh coconut flesh.

The food at the Naked Restaurant is also commendable. I love their pan fried red snapper which is cripsy on the outside and still tender on the inside with a splash of fresh lemon juice. A salad consisting of blanched brocolli, carrots, French beans and rocket leaves is well balanced in terms of texture and flavour.  Mashed potato is made with high quality imported potatoes that's fluffy in texture. Some lemon cream sauce is nicely served separately to allow one to choose the amount of sauce to enhance the palate which really brings the whole dish together.

Carbonara is another comfort food and children's all-time favourite. A thick creamy sauce with cripsy fried beef bacon slices and parsley to enhance the flavors.

Pizzas are also a huge hit here. It's the classic thin crust.  Not only is it great for soccer fans to enjoy watching a match with slices of pizza,  it's also now possible to enjoy their freshly baked pizza via food panda.

Carnivore pizza
This is an interesting combination of beef pepperoni,  roasted Cajun chicken,  chicken ham,  minced lamb,  beef bacon,  mushrooms,  garlic and  herbs. It has so much meat and topping that I just couldn't stop eating.

The signature Naked house pizza
Roasted Cajun chicken breast,  pickled jalapeno, onions and mushrooms make this pizza a fairly Mexican flavor.  But the spiciness was not overpowering.

Pepperoni is a great classic. With beef pepperoni and oregano, it's a great comfort food. 

These hot wings used to be marinated and fried in the chili sauce.  But many could not take the spiciness. So the chef decided to separate the two so the customer can choose how spicy they want the chicken wings to be.  To me,  it's just the right level of spiciness.

After a hearty meal,  it's always great to have a cup of cappucino to ease digestion.

Not to forget to round it up with a chocolate fondant. This is a rich chocolate brownies slightly crispy on the outside with a runny centre served warm and with a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream.

That was a great Sunday late lunch and a chance to hang out with mr husband,  mom and our two children!  Our verdict is 8/10! Great food and drink,  cosy atmosphere at s reasonable price tag.


Zaza Iman said...

Zaza pun belum makan lagi ni.. Tertengok pula menu2 kat sini.. Huwaaaa dappppnyerr

el said...

Looks yummy..the name oso very interesting..

Wawa Ashihara said...

Uishhh kenapa lapar terus bila tengok gambar2 ni.hahahha nampak menarik je tau

Emi said...

Their carbonara attract my attention. I am a big fan of carbonara, hehe

Sunshine Kelly said...

This place has very delicious pizzas, i like their signature Naked house pizza too.

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