Sunday, September 29, 2019

How to care for the atopic children | ATONO2 Oxygen Baby Travel Kit Review

Atopy runs in our family.  This means a terrible triad of eczema,  allergic rhinitis and asthma (luckily only my immediate cousin has that and none of us in our nuclear family).    Besides genetics,  there are a lot things that can be done to protect my children from having itchy and inflamed skin. Preventing it from flaring up using suitable products is the best way to stop all the troubles.

Once the eczema flares,  it's important to keep it under control with as needed steroid based creams and lots of emollients because when left unchecked,  the skin can break which may become a portal of entry for infection besides being unsightly and extremely itchy.  The vicious cycle of itchiness, scratching and inflammation cause the skin to thicken in a process called lichenification. Unfortunately, anti-itch medications can't be used in children younger than 2 years old because it could make them too sedated.

We recently tried ATONO2 Oxygen Baby Travel kit which contains

1. Oxygen Baby Soothing Gel 30g soothes the inflamed skin to reduce itchiness.
2. Oxygen Baby Lotion 30g gets absorbed fast to boost skin hydration without residue.
3. Oxygen Baby Cream 30g  works similar to the gel in relieving eczema.
4. Baby Slightly Acid Bath and Shampoo 30g is great for both hair and body cleansing, as well as maintaining skin pH around 5.7

So are you wondering what does ATONO2 mean?

It is a skincare brand specializes in baby products, especially for those who have dry and sensitive skin prone to eczema and allergies. Famous in Korea, it's widely publicised in News Media and Korean TV programs. It has obtained ECOCERT (meaning all ingredients are organic) and approval by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The ambassador is none other than the soccer player ‘Dong-guk Lee’ and his children, are popular and featured  in a Korean TV reality show called ‘Superman Is Back’. ATONO2 has also won numerous awards as listed above.

ATO (sensitive skin) + o2 (Oxygen water)! This has high oxygen concentration which hydrates and heal the inflamed skin better.

Oxygenated water makes up the top of the active ingredient list. Others include
-cinnamomum cassia
- scutellaria baicalensis
-hinoki cypress
- white willow
-shea butter
-macadamia ternifolia seed oil
-Epidermal Growth Factor
-hyaluronic acid

These are combinations of natural plant extracts that soothes and calms irritated, inflamed skin, as well as hydrating and maintaining a good skin pH balance. It also helps the skin to repair and heal itself. Of course, ATONO2 does not contain artificial colouring, fragrance, talc, paraben and steroid. As I have mentioned before in this article, steroid free preparation can be used in mild eczema cases. But correct usage of steroid based products under your doctor's direction should not have serious side effects.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Baby Yi has started to teeth so he tends to drool a lot.  This has created irritated and inflamed skin around his upper chest. He's only prone to having an exaggerated skin reaction to insect bites. And oh boy,  he can really scratch! At one point,  he got really bad impetigo that looks so roundish (I was asked whether those were inaccidental injury!) Unfortunately I did not have any photos when it was at its worse. Only when it's already much improved a few days after using ATONO2.

 Look at how ATONO2 has helped him. It soothes the bitten or inflamed skin and prevent him from scratching and going into the vicious cycle. Back to the happy and bubbly baby who is no longer cranky!

Where to get ATONO2 Baby products? Get on to Ippuni website, Shopee or at selected Multicare Pharmacy and Sensey Pharmacy.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

A dummy guide to parenting | The Asian Parenting App Official Launch

I have downloaded The Asian Parenting App for more than a year now.  Do you know that they actually have 25 million users? And officially launched on 25 September 2019. That's such a big community and I enjoy having the support of other parents in the virtual world.

Parenting is a rewarding journey but it is also challenging. Being a mother of two active boys and a full-time doctor, I do not have the solution for all parenting skills. But I know where and how to get my information from-TAP app. Sometimes there's no right or wrong in parenting,  but it's just comforting to know that others are going through the same thing.

Besides being a support group,  TAP also features DoctorOncall and experts from Sunway Medical Centre to answer any medical related enquiries. This 24 hours service is especially important for expecting or first time parents.  It's reassuring to know that expert help is just a few clicks away. It can be daunting, for example,  to deal with febrile fits. It's all very easy to talk about it because I'm also a doctor. But when emergency happens to your own kid,  it's still very easy to panick. Lifeline like this is therefore very important.

When one is free,  browse through a variety of topics from pregnancy advice to parenting tips, as well as articles about your children's development to educate yourself. There's always something new to learn everyday. It enriches my parenting experience and update my knowledge.

TAP also has a great database of popular children songs and videos to entertain the young ones.  Even though screen time should not be encouraged in children,  sometimes it is necessary. Especially in small nuclear family like ours,  I do have to bring my 3 years plus and 9 month old boys with me after office hours for events.  I just have to use it to distract them for a while on and off.

Not only that,  TAP also offers an exciting array of family themed competitions online. The prizes varies from household appliances,  electronics,  beauty products and free party event venue. The winner in me just loves to join these contests.

Watch the features of the TAP app on my YouTube!

Want to know more about The Asian Parenting App?

Official website
Follow theAsianparent on Facebook

Monday, September 23, 2019

Family Outing | Great British Circus Malaysia in Kuantan

The haze,  unfortunately,  is still lingering around.  This makes weekends so boring because the children are cooped up at home. Besides frequenting the shopping malls to spend some energy,  we have also visited Circus On Ice which is in Kuantan until 29 September 2019!

I got so excited that I produced a short YouTube highlights the night I came back from the show !

Great British Circus Malaysia
Serambi Teruntum
Jalan Tanjung Lumpur, 26060 Kuantan, Pahang
017-922 2044
Opens daily 9am-10pm

The indoor sitting in the circus was comfortably set up with a central stage and many mobile hawkers in the tent- selling classic carnival food like hotdog buns,  fairy floss,  pop corns and toys. The venue was well aerated and cooling without air-conditioning, I think partially due to the fact that we were in the VIP rows right in the center near the stage which doubles as a skating rink. I would say it's worth the fee because we got an unobstructed view of the performers!

The performance started with a group of dancing skaters dressed like birds with fancy and shiny wings.

There were short skits featuring a clown with his boss Inma during intervals- he was extremely entertaining while engaging the audience. For example,  handing out umbrellas, later just to spray the audience with a water gun.

Acrobats were skating, balancing and manipulating fluorescent cubes overhead.

The juggler was so good that he could manage up to 10 blocks at a time without dropping any while skating!

Of course the children were already singing along and screaming when Olaf came onto the stage accompanied by a graceful Princess Elsa skating away.

We were absolutely amazed by how Melissa could bend her body like that. Or even shoot an arrow to burst a balloon using her feet! (as shown in my YouTube video)

Baby Yi nearly got a head butt from the skating penguins of Madagascar!

The clown engaging a volunteer to shake his booty (in which his missing coin eventually got shaken out into his hat).

A very impressive performance of two acrobats running in and out of the metal frame in gathering speed.  At a point,  blindfolded, all without safety ropes!

A cute and light giant bubble making show. Bing boy was chosen to be enveloped in a giant soap bubble but he chickened out as he was being ushered to the stage. What a shame!  Maybe next time one of us should follow him.

I was so worried that the gymnast may fell off from a height.  He was so agile at wrapping the cloth around parts of his body to halt the unravelling and freefall. I could imagine the strength required just to hoist himself up and spinning around the stage.

I love how the British performers adapted their costumes to have such vibrantly coloured hibiscus flowered dancers weaving around.

The grand finale came with tightrope walking.  Not only were the 4 performers were able to walk across in sequence, there were also daring acts like double splits on the rope,  cycling on the rope. We were in awe while watching the performer cycling on the rope.

The whole show was over in about 1.5hours with a 15 minutes break in between.  Just a good timing for family with young children like us. We were all fixated on the show and the children were dancing and applauding away. Importantly,  Bing boy managed to overcome his fear of clowns!

We highly recommend Circus On Ice because it's a show great for all ages.  Light and entertaining with impressive feats throughout. It's only in Kuantan until 29 September so hurry up before the show ends. Now I'm planning to visit their next show Circus Extreme which is coming up on 5 October in Kuala Terengganu.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Authentic Foochow Food | Restaurant Hock Hin Kuantan

Do you know that out of Perak, Kuantan the lazy town also has good Foochow food?

Restaurant Hock Hin
814, Jalan Penjara, Taman Raya, 25100 Kuantan, Pahang
Closes on Mondays

Foochow Red Wine Chicken Meesua

Stir fry mashed ginger using fragrant sesame oil with and red rice wine, it's a comfort food especially for ladies during confinement. Going down smooth with meesua, it's even suitable for children like Bing boy to enjoy. Don't worry the alcohol would have evaporated by the time the dish is cooked,  leaving behind a sweet aroma.

Fried fish with garlic caramel sauce

Fish deep fried till crispy which makes it taste just like fish crackers. The downside is Bing boy simply detests any food that's even slightly hard.  Drizzled with a thick caramel based sauce that's flavoured by minced garlic,    it makes the dishes simply appetizing.

Braised tofu with mixed vegetables

This is a classic dish for family with young children. Soft tofu with fried golden skin, pork slices, French beans,  broccoli,  carrot, Bak Choy, Shitake mushroom slices and onions cooked in a thick broth. It's tempting to eat because it's so colorful but be careful because the broth preserves heat so well that it may will scald your mouth!

Fried eggs with cockles

Fresh and juicy cockles fried inside a fluffy omelette makes a great savoury snack or side dish.  Dipped in sweet Thai chili sauce,  it balances the flavour out.

Hock Hin is a great spot for a quick fix either for lunch or dinner. Dining atmosphere wise,  it's a fairly standard Chinese restaurant setting but quite well aerated with portable air cooler. Our verdict is 7/10!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Eating out with high protein ketogenic diet | The Dancing Meat Co food review

There are many dietary styles that can help a patient to achieve weight loss and health. The key is calorie balance and restriction which results in a deficit of around 500-700kcal/day.  To sustain long term changes, we must individualized our meal plans.  A high protein ketogenic diet consisting of 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs is my favorite! I find menus at The Dancing Meat Co allow me to stick to my meal plans. Read on to find out how do I do this while dining out.

The Dancing Meat Co. Gourmet Deli & Grill
A-19, Jalan Gambut 3, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens 11.30am to 10pm (Wednesdays to Mondays)

1.Choose grilled or broiled meat instead of fried:

Grilled bullet pork ribs is a new menu for Dancing Meat.  Pork ribs marinated with their signature herbs and spices, then grilled to perfection. Drizzled with black pepper sauce with a scoop of smooth mashed potato and fresh salad consisting of leaf lettuce,  coleslaw (julienned purple and white cabbage,  carrots with mayonnaise ), raisins and cherry tomatoes. If you prefer a really carnivorous treat, this would be a great try.

2. Choose lean white meat:

Grilled chicken chop with blackpepper sauce is a classic and loved by many. Chicken Maryland marinated with special herbs then grilled until all the fat under the skin melted to produce a crispy and zesty skin. The blackpepper sauce gives a strong kick to the dish. Sides are mashed potatoes and salad.

3. Ask for less sauce or sauce served separately:

Vietnamese baguette with grilled lamb shoulder is flooded with tempting sauce (black pepper and mayonnaise based). For a healthier option,  ask for less sauce or sauce served separately. Crispy bread crust with fragrantly buttered soft bread sandwiching a slice of well marinated grilled Australian lamb shoulder that does not have any gamy smell or taste.

4. Split high calorie options:

It's not wrong to want to enjoy some calorie densed options sometimes but it's a better idea to share it with someone else. So both can indulge but not overdoing it.

Cheese baked rice with salmon is a popular choice for children. The sight of the mozzarella cheese pull just makes me drool. The rice is baked with a cream based sauce which makes it soft,  moist and rich in flavour but not too overwhelming. The goodness of baked salmon makes this a nutritious and wholesome meal.

Golden spaghetti with chicken chop is gaining its popularity as the salted egg together with curry leaves,  capsicum strips, butter and birds eye chilli complement each other so much.  The chicken chop was juicy and wrapped in the goodness of the golden sauce.

5. Choose low calorie or unsweetened beverage:

Peppermint herbal tea is also new on the menu. The combination of peppermint, baby chrysanthemum , orange peel and liquorice root releases a calming aroma and helps to relieve sore throat in this hazy weather.  All without sugar or extra calories.

Cappuccino here is made using robusta coffee beans which boosts energy. Fresh milk was frothed to create a satisfying layer of foam on top of the cuppa and a calcium boost. Omiting sugar gives a healthier option but not losing on flavour.

6. Boost vegetable or fruit intake using juice:

Instead of ordering a sweet dessert,  opt for vegetable or fruit juice instead such as carrot milk (request for fresh milk instead of evaporated or condensed milk) . These natural ingredients provide a great variety of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Don't overdo it though as the sugar content gets absorbed much faster in the form of juice.

A healthy variety of food choices is therefore available at The Dancing Meat Co in a cosy dining environment at mid-range prices that are value for money since the ingredients are of premium quality. We rate it 8.5/10!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ladies travelling light with simplified beauty regime | Maskingdom Organic Cleansing Flakes

I find it difficult to travel light while maintaining my beauty regime. On average,  I need to bring at least a set of makeup remover,  cotton pads,  cleanser,  toner and moisturizer with or without paper masks.  That's excluding my eye cream and body lotion,  body wash,  shampoo and conditioner.  Other essential items include contact lens,  contact lens case and solution,  mascara, eyebrow pencil,  foundation, eyeliner,  blush,  lip balm and lipstick.

So I got really excited to try Maskingdom Organic Cleansing Flakes. Being a full-time working mother of 2, I need all the help to maintain youthfulness in a single step. The cleansing flake allows makeup removal, deep cleansing and moisturising. Each piece is only 0.01mm, the same thickness as a strand of hair. The flake's pH is between 5.5-6.5, hence it's perfect for all skin types even sensitive skin. Each casing contains 100 flakes- surprisingly compact!

8 main active ingredients are derived from organic plants using low temperature under high pressure. Eco certification ensures only organic ingredients are used without harmful ingredients like alcohol,  SLS,  paraben, artificial fragrance. My vegan friends and animal lovers can rest assure that no animal testing was used.

I have grouped the active ingredients together according to their functions.

Shea butter,  apricot kernel oil,  argan oil, honey and hyaluronic acid- hydrates the skin,  lock moisture and nutrition in, as well as repairs sun damaged skin. Boost skin hydration up to 67% after a single usage.

Scuterallia alpina and chameleon plant extract- penetrates deep underneath the skin to cleanse impurities and unblock pores

Aloe Vera and glycyrrhizate/liquorice root extract- powerhouse of vitamins, minerals,  antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to calm irritated skin and prevent breakouts.

How to use?

1. Place a piece of cleansing flake onto dry palm
2. Drizzle some water to lather.
3. Cleanse and massage the cleanser onto the face in circular motions.
4. Rinse off with water.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Instead of having separate products for makeup removal,  cleansing and moisturising,   Maskingdom has all these 3 functions in 1. Not only does this simplify my beauty regime,  but it also allows me to save time (from 10mins to only 2mins), use less water, pack my travel bags easier and travel light. Most importantly,  my skin felt supple and clean after the first use with visibly less blackheads. Since it's also suitable for men's use,  Mr hubby can share the same product with me!

Besides that,  the casing is intricately sculpted and carved by experienced wood craftsman. It's light yet durable enough to be kept in the suitcase in order to protect the cleansing flakes. I absolutely love the bohemian feel of the casing!

Try Maskingdom Organic Cleansing Flakes and feel the difference yourself. Quote TWEXCEL02 at a promotional price of RM99 (original price RM146) this month! Don't say I Bojio!

ERH Skincare website

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Malaysian Chinese High Tea Kuih | 59th St Heritage Popiah Kuantan Food Review

The Malaysian food culture is so diverse.  We have our own range of kuih or dessert that can be either sweet or savoury, great for breakfast or teatime. But it's not easy to get a healthy and nutritious version because they are often loaded with simple carbohydrate, sugar, oil and excessive calories. Today I'm going to show you all where and how to get proper and tasty Malaysian Chinese High Tea Kuih without feeling guilty.

59th St Heritage Popiah Kuantan
888 Food Court,
Jalan Teluk Sisek, Taman Plaza Kuantan
Phone 0102257660
Opens Wednesdays to Mondays 1pm until stock lasts

Even though it's not served in a 5 star hotel,  but the most serious and delicious treats are often hidden in local food courts as such. All the Kuih is hand made by experienced local pastry chefs including a popo in her 80s with natural coloring, less sugar and the freshest ingredients. The pastry was thin and the inside bursting with fresh fillings. They can only operate for 5 afternoons in a week because of the sheer amount of time used to produce about 15 types of high tea options.

Among the Kuih on sale when we visited was fairly representative of the popular Malaysian Kuih. So if you are on the looking for this,  head here.  They also accept custom made orders 2 days in advance.


Assorted Kuih Koci

Fried Sesame balls

Curry puffs

Pumpkin 'Fa' (prosperity) cake

Kuih ketayap

Yam cake


Vegetable dumplings

Tapioca cake

We sampled most of the Kuih and were really amazed at how juicy, soft and fresh the fillings were. The portion was generous and value for money. The pastry was thin and soft which literally melted in the mouth. This is why we say tasty treats like this can be healthy and not loaded with sugar or calories!

We started off with savoury options-sticky rice dumpling (zongzi). Pork belly braised till tender with the collagen rich skin still slightly chewy. Huge and fresh chestnuts. These with other ingredients like salted egg yolk and shitake mushrooms made up 3 quarter of the dumplings wrapped with warm and fragrant glutinous rice and Thysanolaena latifolia leaves.

The signature popiah has a paper thin homemade pastry with every inch filled with vegetables such as carrots,  jicama,  lettuce and sambal which has chilli, tamarind, onions and dried shrimps as main ingredients. One could be filled easily by a whole popiah. The fritter is a crispy indulgence that's made less guilty  because of the amount of vegetables.

Two types of curry puffs were available. Both made with puff pastry with dry curry potato filling the Malaysian style.  The rectangle puff was baked whereas the half circle puff was fried.

A selection of savoury and sweet kuih that looks so vibrant and colorful. The pastry is thin with a generous amount of filling. The vegetable dumpling has translucent skin called crystal skin in Chinese with stir fry julienned carrot and jicama filling that is soft and juicy. A similar version also comes in en elongated shape with orange sweet potato and white opaque skin.

The red kuih (Ang Ku Kuih aka red tortoise cake) contains slightly sweetened mung bean paste which is carefully blended to a consistency that simply melts in the mouth. The yellow kuih is made of soft pumpkin pastry with sweet ground peanut flakes. On the other hand,  the green kuih has screwpine skin and sweet coconut filling that is fluffy. The coconut shred filling is worth special mentioning as it's made of premium coconut without impurities.

These kuih trio completed our high tea. Yam cake with generous amount of yam and little flour. Topped with minced dried shrimps,  it was a heavenly combination with their homemade chili sauce. The small pumpkin prosperity cake is a great snack that has a dense texture,  a great cake for ancestor and prayer offerings made healthier using pumpkin instead of artificial food coloring. Mochi is a soft Japanese dessert made from  short grain japonica rice flour dusted with raw flour to prevent them from sticking together. There were 2 flavors on sale-the classical peanut filling and the more Japanese green tea pastry with red bean paste filling.

This is a stunning Malaysian Chinese high tea selection, affordable at the highest quality with friendly staff. Come on and try yourself. Our verdict is 9/10!

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