Friday, September 20, 2019

Authentic Foochow Food | Restaurant Hock Hin Kuantan

Do you know that out of Perak, Kuantan the lazy town also has good Foochow food?

Restaurant Hock Hin
814, Jalan Penjara, Taman Raya, 25100 Kuantan, Pahang
Closes on Mondays

Foochow Red Wine Chicken Meesua

Stir fry mashed ginger using fragrant sesame oil with and red rice wine, it's a comfort food especially for ladies during confinement. Going down smooth with meesua, it's even suitable for children like Bing boy to enjoy. Don't worry the alcohol would have evaporated by the time the dish is cooked,  leaving behind a sweet aroma.

Fried fish with garlic caramel sauce

Fish deep fried till crispy which makes it taste just like fish crackers. The downside is Bing boy simply detests any food that's even slightly hard.  Drizzled with a thick caramel based sauce that's flavoured by minced garlic,    it makes the dishes simply appetizing.

Braised tofu with mixed vegetables

This is a classic dish for family with young children. Soft tofu with fried golden skin, pork slices, French beans,  broccoli,  carrot, Bak Choy, Shitake mushroom slices and onions cooked in a thick broth. It's tempting to eat because it's so colorful but be careful because the broth preserves heat so well that it may will scald your mouth!

Fried eggs with cockles

Fresh and juicy cockles fried inside a fluffy omelette makes a great savoury snack or side dish.  Dipped in sweet Thai chili sauce,  it balances the flavour out.

Hock Hin is a great spot for a quick fix either for lunch or dinner. Dining atmosphere wise,  it's a fairly standard Chinese restaurant setting but quite well aerated with portable air cooler. Our verdict is 7/10!


Hans Hanis said...

so memang sedap la tu :)

Dr Yingzangel said...

It's very much comfort food! Would have scored higher for a more classy dining environment

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