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Eating out with high protein ketogenic diet | The Dancing Meat Co food review

There are many dietary styles that can help a patient to achieve weight loss and health. The key is calorie balance and restriction which results in a deficit of around 500-700kcal/day.  To sustain long term changes, we must individualized our meal plans.  A high protein ketogenic diet consisting of 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs is my favorite! I find menus at The Dancing Meat Co allow me to stick to my meal plans. Read on to find out how do I do this while dining out.

The Dancing Meat Co. Gourmet Deli & Grill
A-19, Jalan Gambut 3, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens 11.30am to 10pm (Wednesdays to Mondays)

1.Choose grilled or broiled meat instead of fried:

Grilled bullet pork ribs is a new menu for Dancing Meat.  Pork ribs marinated with their signature herbs and spices, then grilled to perfection. Drizzled with black pepper sauce with a scoop of smooth mashed potato and fresh salad consisting of leaf lettuce,  coleslaw (julienned purple and white cabbage,  carrots with mayonnaise ), raisins and cherry tomatoes. If you prefer a really carnivorous treat, this would be a great try.

2. Choose lean white meat:

Grilled chicken chop with blackpepper sauce is a classic and loved by many. Chicken Maryland marinated with special herbs then grilled until all the fat under the skin melted to produce a crispy and zesty skin. The blackpepper sauce gives a strong kick to the dish. Sides are mashed potatoes and salad.

3. Ask for less sauce or sauce served separately:

Vietnamese baguette with grilled lamb shoulder is flooded with tempting sauce (black pepper and mayonnaise based). For a healthier option,  ask for less sauce or sauce served separately. Crispy bread crust with fragrantly buttered soft bread sandwiching a slice of well marinated grilled Australian lamb shoulder that does not have any gamy smell or taste.

4. Split high calorie options:

It's not wrong to want to enjoy some calorie densed options sometimes but it's a better idea to share it with someone else. So both can indulge but not overdoing it.

Cheese baked rice with salmon is a popular choice for children. The sight of the mozzarella cheese pull just makes me drool. The rice is baked with a cream based sauce which makes it soft,  moist and rich in flavour but not too overwhelming. The goodness of baked salmon makes this a nutritious and wholesome meal.

Golden spaghetti with chicken chop is gaining its popularity as the salted egg together with curry leaves,  capsicum strips, butter and birds eye chilli complement each other so much.  The chicken chop was juicy and wrapped in the goodness of the golden sauce.

5. Choose low calorie or unsweetened beverage:

Peppermint herbal tea is also new on the menu. The combination of peppermint, baby chrysanthemum , orange peel and liquorice root releases a calming aroma and helps to relieve sore throat in this hazy weather.  All without sugar or extra calories.

Cappuccino here is made using robusta coffee beans which boosts energy. Fresh milk was frothed to create a satisfying layer of foam on top of the cuppa and a calcium boost. Omiting sugar gives a healthier option but not losing on flavour.

6. Boost vegetable or fruit intake using juice:

Instead of ordering a sweet dessert,  opt for vegetable or fruit juice instead such as carrot milk (request for fresh milk instead of evaporated or condensed milk) . These natural ingredients provide a great variety of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Don't overdo it though as the sugar content gets absorbed much faster in the form of juice.

A healthy variety of food choices is therefore available at The Dancing Meat Co in a cosy dining environment at mid-range prices that are value for money since the ingredients are of premium quality. We rate it 8.5/10!

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