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Malaysian Chinese High Tea Kuih | 59th St Heritage Popiah Kuantan Food Review

The Malaysian food culture is so diverse.  We have our own range of kuih or dessert that can be either sweet or savoury, great for breakfast or teatime. But it's not easy to get a healthy and nutritious version because they are often loaded with simple carbohydrate, sugar, oil and excessive calories. Today I'm going to show you all where and how to get proper and tasty Malaysian Chinese High Tea Kuih without feeling guilty.

59th St Heritage Popiah Kuantan
888 Food Court,
Jalan Teluk Sisek, Taman Plaza Kuantan
Phone 0102257660
Opens Wednesdays to Mondays 1pm until stock lasts

Even though it's not served in a 5 star hotel,  but the most serious and delicious treats are often hidden in local food courts as such. All the Kuih is hand made by experienced local pastry chefs including a popo in her 80s with natural coloring, less sugar and the freshest ingredients. The pastry was thin and the inside bursting with fresh fillings. They can only operate for 5 afternoons in a week because of the sheer amount of time used to produce about 15 types of high tea options.

Among the Kuih on sale when we visited was fairly representative of the popular Malaysian Kuih. So if you are on the looking for this,  head here.  They also accept custom made orders 2 days in advance.


Assorted Kuih Koci

Fried Sesame balls

Curry puffs

Pumpkin 'Fa' (prosperity) cake

Kuih ketayap

Yam cake


Vegetable dumplings

Tapioca cake

We sampled most of the Kuih and were really amazed at how juicy, soft and fresh the fillings were. The portion was generous and value for money. The pastry was thin and soft which literally melted in the mouth. This is why we say tasty treats like this can be healthy and not loaded with sugar or calories!

We started off with savoury options-sticky rice dumpling (zongzi). Pork belly braised till tender with the collagen rich skin still slightly chewy. Huge and fresh chestnuts. These with other ingredients like salted egg yolk and shitake mushrooms made up 3 quarter of the dumplings wrapped with warm and fragrant glutinous rice and Thysanolaena latifolia leaves.

The signature popiah has a paper thin homemade pastry with every inch filled with vegetables such as carrots,  jicama,  lettuce and sambal which has chilli, tamarind, onions and dried shrimps as main ingredients. One could be filled easily by a whole popiah. The fritter is a crispy indulgence that's made less guilty  because of the amount of vegetables.

Two types of curry puffs were available. Both made with puff pastry with dry curry potato filling the Malaysian style.  The rectangle puff was baked whereas the half circle puff was fried.

A selection of savoury and sweet kuih that looks so vibrant and colorful. The pastry is thin with a generous amount of filling. The vegetable dumpling has translucent skin called crystal skin in Chinese with stir fry julienned carrot and jicama filling that is soft and juicy. A similar version also comes in en elongated shape with orange sweet potato and white opaque skin.

The red kuih (Ang Ku Kuih aka red tortoise cake) contains slightly sweetened mung bean paste which is carefully blended to a consistency that simply melts in the mouth. The yellow kuih is made of soft pumpkin pastry with sweet ground peanut flakes. On the other hand,  the green kuih has screwpine skin and sweet coconut filling that is fluffy. The coconut shred filling is worth special mentioning as it's made of premium coconut without impurities.

These kuih trio completed our high tea. Yam cake with generous amount of yam and little flour. Topped with minced dried shrimps,  it was a heavenly combination with their homemade chili sauce. The small pumpkin prosperity cake is a great snack that has a dense texture,  a great cake for ancestor and prayer offerings made healthier using pumpkin instead of artificial food coloring. Mochi is a soft Japanese dessert made from  short grain japonica rice flour dusted with raw flour to prevent them from sticking together. There were 2 flavors on sale-the classical peanut filling and the more Japanese green tea pastry with red bean paste filling.

This is a stunning Malaysian Chinese high tea selection, affordable at the highest quality with friendly staff. Come on and try yourself. Our verdict is 9/10!

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