Friday, September 13, 2019

Mooncake festival celebration in Kuantan

Mooncake festival is celebrated by Chinese worldwide. But the Kuantan folks do it in a unique way.  We still savour wedges of Mooncake and take a stroll with our lanterns. But all along the popular Teluk Cempedak beach,  just 10 to 15 minutes drive away from the town centre. Families often set up their own sand sculpture lit with candles or lanterns hung on tree branches buried in the sand. Often,  many would have dined out before hitting the beach with nearby Satay Zul one of the favorite spots.

Of course the must eat during Mooncake festival is Mooncake. The traditional Mooncake is baked. The crust is made of shortening (healthier alternative is vegetable oil) whereas the rich and densed filling is classically made from red bean paste or lotus paste with or without salted egg yolks. The more premium version may come with 2 or more yolks in a single pastry that is either round or square using intricately carved moulds.

The newer versions of Mooncake includes the snowskin Mooncake of which its crust does not require baking.  Instead,  it's refrigerated for a few hours to create a slightly powdery and chewy distinct texture. Alternatively, the crust can be made with gelatine with fruits.  Many innovative choices of filling such as longan, gojiberries, multigrains, as well as the King of fruits durian have made Mooncake such an interesting and healthier food choice.

As people become more health conscious,  there is also a move to support less sweet and home made Mooncake without preservatives. Kravve is an online platform which sells homemade Mooncake. Their products are freshly made upon order and couriered immediately to your door step. The ingredients used are vegans friendly. The flavors available are black charcoal with lotus filling (with or without salted egg yolk), red bean, green tea and emerald (pandan flavoured lotus paste). Kraave recently concluded 10000 free boxes of Mooncake giveaway and I was one of the lucky receiver!

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I love the elegant packaging which makes Kravve's Mooncake great as gifts. It comes in sets starting from 2 Mooncakes which can be an affordable gift options with a beautifully designed festive card. The size of the mooncake is about half a palm's sized each. Cutting and served in small wedges,  this makes sure that I can still enjoy having Mooncake without worrying about sugar consumption and excessive calories. The Mooncake tasted rustic with just the right amount of sweetness. The pastry is thin with a generous amount of filling.

Remember a healthy lifestyle involves having a healthy diet and doing enough exercise, especially with regards to consuming sweet treats like Mooncake in moderation. Spend the Mooncake festival with your loved ones like Kuantanese to burn some calories as well.

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