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Authentic Korean Pub Food | Gangnam Street Kuantan Food Review

I really think Kuantan lacks good authentic Korean food before Gangnam Street was opened.  Most of the Korean food here is already Malaysianized with fairly standard menus. Gangnam Street is recently opened by a young Korean gentleman Kim whose mother is the owner of Ye Mi Won Kuantan. Read on to find out our dining experience.

Gangnam Street
16, Lorong Tun Ismail 8, Sri Dagangan Bussiness Centre, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang
017-986 7408
Opens daily 1pm to 12am

Gangnam Street is a children friendly pub and restaurant with spacious and comfortable dining environment. All the ingredients are directly imported from Korea!

We love the decorative trinkets displayed on the shelf.

Our sumptuous dinner started with a classic Korean appetizer- corn salad that washes down well with a can of beer. Sweet corn kernel pan grilled with diced capsicum and mozzarella cheese drizzled with Italian herbs and ketchup. This creates a healthy entree which tastes like pizza. Yum! Bing Boy's favorite.

My classic cheese pull photo.

Cheese Gaelanmali is a great side dish. An egg omelette with a slightly gooey centre with melted mozzarella cheese, cabbage,  seaweed and mushroom with ketchup. The dish should be devoured hot to enjoy the fragrance of melted cheese. Another children friendly dish.

Original YangNyeom is a must order! Korean fried chicken done well with a sweet soy based sauce that wasn't too sticky. It's lightly flavoured with golden crispy skin and fresh juicy flesh. We love how chicken breast,  drumstick and Maryland besides the classic chicken wings were also served for healthier lean protein portion.

Maeun YangNyeom simply means spicy fried chicken. Each servings come with a generous  10 pieces of fried chicken,  enough to feed 2 to 3 adults. The spicy sauce comes from the chef's secret recipe which was very pleasant and not irritating to the pallate. Lightly toasted sesame seeds further brought out the fragrance.

Spicy Teokbokki contains soft and chewy Korean rice cakes fried in a mildly spicy homemade sauce (with customisable level of hotness) with glass noodles, a half boiled egg, fish cakes,  Shitake mushroom, cucumber and cabbage. The flavor was well balanced with just the right amount of sweetness and spiciness with an aftertaste of the fragrant sesame oil.

Kimchi Bokkem Bap is none other than a warm and cosy serving of Kimchi fried rice with fresh shitake mushroom, pork slices, seaweed slices to give a healthy crunch. The sunny side up egg complement the taste very well with our favorite runny yolk.

Gimbap is a seaweed sushi roll with the following ingredients: sausage,  cucumber,  preserved carrots and egg. Nicely plated as the ultimate crowd pleaser which also provides wholesome nutrition with each bite.

Besides beer towers, fruit soju is also available. These are non carbonated fruit based drinks with flavours such as apple and yoghurt which are slightly sweetened to help digesting our heavy dinner.

3 complimentary side dishes also come with each order. They deserve special mention. The potato wedges are made from premium imported potatoes and baked until fluffy and soft inside. Preserved radish cubes are crunchy and works well to wash away the oiliness of fried chicken. The refreshing salad contains homemade lemon zested sauce with   iceberg lettuce, raisins,  roasted sunflower seeds, capsicum,  cucumber and purple cabbage.

This is thus far the best Korean food we have sampled in Kuantan with a verdict of 8.5/10! And more menu is coming soon as requested by their customers. We can't wait to try more of these delicious treats.

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