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Eucalyptus in household use | Eucapro Products Review

Many know eucalyptus or gum tree leaves as fluffy koala bears' favorite food. But do you know that it has many other medicinal use? Gum tree leaves have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal and pain relieving properties.

Hence, there are some evidence that it may be useful in treating asthma,  bronchitis,  dental plaque,  gingivitis, head lice,  and fungal nail infection. Besides that,  the aroma,  when combined with other essential oil such as peppermint, makes great aromatherapy for relaxation purposes. Read more about Eucalyptus here on WebMD.

Eucapro products are formulated in Australia. As the active ingredients are derived from plants,  the products are natural and safe without pesticides or even chemical fertilizers. Eucapro products are also free from artificial additives, aromas or flavorings.

I have recently tried the following products and am in love with them!

Eucapro Pure Eucalyptus Oil

This is 100% pure natural pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil which gives fresh and  lasting fragrance. It kills 99.99% germs.

Not only can it help in alleviating cold and sore muscles when massaged, it can also be added to laundry as a deodorizer. Rub a small amount to remove stubborn stains, grease marks on clothing, carpet, sofa and soft toys, as well as adhesive labels, annoying chewing gums and tar marks on cars.

Eucapro Natural Disinfectant Eucalyptus Spray

This is an air purifier and surface sanitizer that's particularly suitable for humid areas such as the bathroom, as well as a damp car interior during rainy seasons. It covers the musty smell and purify the air, even as strong as cigarette smokes. Besides that, it can also be in the family room, office and bedroom.

Stuffy nose at night because of cold or allergic rhinitis? Spray some on the pillow to help clearing nasal secretions. The downside of using grandma remedy (old newspapers) to wipe water and finger marks was leaving my hands stained. But now I can use the spray to do the same job easily.

Eucapro Air Purifier Lavender Spray

Made of pure lavender and  Litsea Cubeba Oil, spray 10 minutes before sleep onto linen to create a calm and soothing bedroom environment which helps to lull children to sleep. It infuses a great aroma into pillows and blanket.

Besides that it can also be used for multipurpose cleaner, to disinfect bathrooms,  to freshen musty drawers and wardrobes especially during rainy seasons.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I tend to avoid using harsh chemicals even while cleaning to prevent any remote possibility of my boys accidentally ingesting or inhaling household cleaning products. I feel comfortable in using Eucapro products when my children are around because the ingredients are non toxic. The price tag is also affordable with good quality.

If you are interested,  head on the Lazada or Camy BabyLand to understand more about Eucapro products.

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