Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Great food great company | The 92s Kuantan

I can't believe how much good food is there in Kuantan! That's why we have decided to move here permanently. Without the stress of traffic jam,  people are also friendlier and more laid back. So here we were to try the new cafe in town!

The 92s Kuantan
A7, Transit Point, Jalan Dato Lim Hoe Lek, Taman Union, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
010-989 6980
Opens Wednesdays to Mondays 11am-11pm

It was always a Friday lunch break that was long enough for us to hunt for good food. And to savour them slowly without worrying about babysitting at the same time. We ordered food to share between 4 people. This new cafe is just a few doors away from Loft by Loteng which we also tried a few months back.

Fried calamari rings. Bread crumbed fresh calamari rings fried into golden color but it's still juicy inside.  Dipped with sambal, it's a great western and Asian fusion appetizer and crowd pleaser.

Their pizzas are must orders! We had 92s signature pizza. It has a soft, fluffy thick charcoal crust. Toppings were smoked salmon,  Japanese mayonnaise and Bonito flakes. This was a heavenly combination with mozzarella cheese with or without chilli flakes  and I'm not surprised why it's called their signature.

Beef lasagna was soft and warm. Full of the goodness of the tomato based sauce. Beef did not have any games taste. The fresh salad  made the flavor so much more balanced. But the portion was a bit small.

The chicken burger had a juicy patty sandwiched between slices of fresh tomatoes and crispy lettuce, as well as cheese. The portion of the fries was too generous and we couldn't finish it.

Beverage wise, there were mainly caffeinated and non-caffeinated options. We opted the non-caffeinated lattes.

Hojicha latte. Hojicha is green tea roasted in a porcelain  pot over charcoal, changing the color from green to reddish brown.

Green Tea latte. A classic latte which doesn't have the bitterness of green tea.

Overall,  we really enjoyed our lunch. Verdict 8/10!

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Sammy said...

what a great food they have, and also interesting drinks with a beautiful design

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