Monday, October 21, 2019

Healthy is the New Happy - Natugee x Mrs Malaysia World event at Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang

Being healthy is the key to successful ageing. Highly stressful lifestyles often result in bad food choices and sedentary lifestyles,  resulting in hormonal imbalances. And raging or lacking of hormones can definitely cause skin problems, besides using the wrong skincare products. Healthy is the new happy is a beauty event coorganised by Natugee and Mrs Malaysia World at Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang.

Feeling tired? This may not just be due to lack of sleep. Hormones usually work in harmony in our bodies. It can be difficult to spot when hormonal problems are brewing because symptoms can be vague like gaining or losing weight,  bloated stomach,  cold or heat intolerance, stress and anxiety versus sluggish minds.  We had to go through a detailed questionaire pertaining to various hormones.

Dr Linda,  a medical doctor who specializes in regenerative medicine,  explains how regular hormonal checks could be helpful in solving these issues. She provides services and consultations for those with hormonal imbalance. I find her practice different  because mainstream medical practice like what I'm currently in do not test hormonal levels routinely. We only check them if it's suggestive clinically. Hmm,  food for thoughts.

The event then continued by an amazing talk by Natugee's founder Miss Rena Rifaee how to read labels for skincare products. The ingredients with the highest concentration is listed in descending order and watch out for ingredients after the 5th ingredients because these can be the hidden harsh ingredients such as SLS and SLES.

5 common misconceptions for skincare was also explained. Squeaky clean skin is too dry and can cause excessive sebum production and breakout. Good fats such as omega 3 fatty oils are essential for good skin. Do not be tricked in believing that pores will shrink. The only way to keep the pores from enlarging is by keeping our skin clean. Dehydrated and dry skin are not the same! Dry skin lacks oil and need exfoliation and moisturizer. Dehydrated skin has excessive dead cells that requires exfoliation but moisturising doesn't really help. Hyaluronic acid may help though.

The event was also attended by Mrs Malaysia World finalists. They all looked gorgeous posing for a group photo. Even though they are married,  these ladies are great examples how to maintain their physical fitness and beauty.

Throughout the talks,  we had free-flow high tea by Furama Hotel. There was a mouthwatering selection of danish, assorted fruit kebabs, macaroons, handcrafted chocolate,  marshmallow, walnut banana cakes, cheese cakes,  puddings, sponge cakes, nuts and muruku. Drinks were mineral water, guava juice and coffee.

Besides these eye opening talks,  3 booths were also set up by Natugee, The Asian Parenting, as well as Waka Waka playland under Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang.

I had the luck of getting 200 TAP points from the wheel of fortune,  as well as a great goodie bag containing the following products

-Natugee Deep Cleansing Lotion 20ml & Natugee Happy Skin Mask
-Narinar Aromatherapy Oils
- BondaHaven Spa Essential oil
-Jamu Tun Teja MEKAR Breast Herbal Firming Cream
-Lovera Magic Jelly Baby Multipurpose Gel for baby skin
-Wirdora Rivoli Swarovski Brooch Set
-Eori Eczema Wonder Skin Oil
-CHIIO Succulent by The Nitty Gritty

These are great examples of skincare products using only natural ingredients without harsh chemicals such as paraben,  alcohol and are safe for babies as well as breastfeeding or expecting mothers. Quality products are really important for those with sensitive skin and eczema too.

Thank you so much for all the sponsors and Furama Bukit Bintang for the wonderful afternoon event! It was an eye opener to the road to beauty. Watch the highlights here.

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