Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Jean C 30 days hydrolyzed collagen drink review

Good quality collagen supplement does not have to be expensive! Collagen consumption is particularly important for those who has bad lifestyle habits such as profligate eating and alcohol drinking,  smoking and regular suntanning. In my previous article,  I pointed out how to supplement collagen correctly.

Jean C,  Jeanne Calment in full,  is a centenarian who lived until the age of 122. She inspired the brand Jean C to produce collagen supplement that promotes Healthy Ageing at an affordable price tag for Malaysians. Such a great collagen drink in Malaysia!

Collagen production plummets as we age,  starting as early as 25 years of age. Collagen is essential for skin,  joint, bone,  hair and nail health. Each sachet of Jean C contains 3g of marine hydrolyzed collagen (We need about 5g in a day) . This form of collagen is the easiest to be absorbed by the body.  Marine collagen has the highest quality but those with seafood allergies have to refrain from consumption.

Besides that,  other phytonutrients in Jean C are derived from the following natural plant extracts:

- also known as, “king of carotenoids”, is 800X stronger than coq10, as well as 75x stronger than alpha lipoic acid to protect against damage and increase skin moisture retention ability.

Amla (Indian Superfood)
- has 20X vit C compared to orange which reduces the effect of premature aging, hydrates the skin to lighten pigmentation and
reduce scar.

Açai (Amazon Superfood)
- is rich in polyphenol and anthocyanins which area essential to control pigmentation, treat acne and lighten scars

Baobab (African Superfood)
- is also called  “ tree of life” superfood as the level of antioxidant is twice that of pomegranate. It is also rich in polyphenol to boost skin moisture and collagen production.

Lingonberry (Scandanavian Superfood)
- contains more antioxidants than blueberries & cranberries. Arbutin inhibits melanin production to prevent uv induced hyperpigmentation.

How to use?

Mix 1 sachet to 150ml of water. Take daily for 2 to 4 weeks to start seeing the results.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Even though studies done for the benefit of consuming collagen are not huge and exhaustive,  there is definitely visible improvement as early as 2 weeks. I could see that my skin has become more radiant with more even skin tone. I also love the refreshing grape taste that Jean C has. And what's more,  such a good product is only selling at RM89 for 30 days supply!

Just be careful that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking Jean C though because it's simply unethical to do research for supplements in this group of people. Therefore we do not have enough safety data to recommend use.

Grab your own Jean C 30 days hydrolyzed collagen drink now! Free delivery nationwide. Use JEANC79 to get a further RM10 off from your order. Or Buy 3 for RM219 - JEANC219 to get RM48 off with (normal price RM267)

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Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for certifications before proceeding with treatment and stop if discomfort or side effect ensues.


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