Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Authentic Chinese Muslim Food | Muhammad Adam Lai Restaurant Kuantan

We haven't explored this part of the town for food to be honest. And we were genuinely surprised to discover such a cosy and modern dining space. Initially started by entrepreneurs from PolyTech MARA College,  the White and Black Cabin now showcases an interesting variety of Asian food,  including halal local,  Japanese and Korean cuisine at an affordable price tag. We chose to dine in at Muhammad Adam Lai Restaurant this round.

White and Black Cabin,
25150 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens daily except Wednesdays 5pm to 12 midnight

The indoor and outdoor seating were spacious and made of vibrantly coloured wooden chairs and tables. Clean baby high chairs are provided. There's a centralised menu displaying food from all the stores. One needs to order from the front counter and pay first. Food will then be served pipping hot to your table!

These were what we savoured -

Salted Egg Prawns

Chef Adam Lai only used real salted egg yolks in his cooking, not ready made sauce. Therefore,  it contained less calories and salt.

We enjoyed how crunchy and fresh the prawns were. With the fragrance and additional coating of salted egg yolk, it is an occasional indulgence that excites the palate.

Nyonya Squid

It's an interesting combination of mildly spiced turmeric based squid rings,  red onion slices, long beans and chillies. The combination was harmonious and did not overpower the taste buds.

Thai Style Barramundi

Barramundi was deep fried until every bites crunched. A signature Thai sauce was then drizzled over the fish which contained sweet chilli sauce,  birds eye chili slices and scallions on a bed of fresh lettuce to create this sweet and spicy delicacy.

Braised Egg Tofu

We would recommend this dish especially to those who have children. Lightly fried egg tofu slices were braised in a thickened egg based broth of julienned crab stick with blanched brocolli florets. This is a comfort food especially easy for children to savour.

Shark Fin Fried Rice

Environmentalists, don't worry! Chef Adam did not use actual shark fins. These were imitation shark fins made from cellophane noodles with the same chewy texture actual shark fins share in common. Combined with a  serving of fragrant egg fried rice, this created a nice twist to a plain dish.

Two Combination Kailan

Crispy fried strips of Kailan leaves on top of a bed of blanched whole Kailan in oyster sauce. This made a gastronomic delight with two strikingly diffferent flavors using the same main ingredient.

For beverages, one can easily order from other partner stores. But a healthier way to dine out is definitely by drinking sky juice instead.  At White and Black Cabin,  they offer complimentary and free-flow Coway cold and hot water. Cut down on that unhealthy sugary overload!

Muhammad Adam Lai Restaurant is one of the most authentic Chinese Muslim cuisine that we can find in Kuantan area. Now I can confidently recommend this halal Chinese food to all my Muslim friends. The taste is great and food is prepared in a very hygienic manner. Getting halal nonspicy food is no longer a chore. Just a side note that chef Adam also accepts catering requests. Therefore our verdict is 8/10!


Kiki said...

Yummy! You're making me hungry again... After eating all these delicious food, don't forget to do a dental treatment gradually!

Dr Yingzangel said...

Haha I need my scaling soon

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