Friday, November 1, 2019

Filling noodle dishes under RM10 | Yumee Yumee Kuantan City Mall Review

You are not reading it wrongly. It's possible to get a meal under RM10 in a shopping mall. Yumee Yumee is based on a budget meal concept, especially in a cosy dining environment and tailored to the need of the working class and local taste buds.

Yumee Yumee
Kuantan City Mall
6, 1, Putra Square, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
09-531 6776

You know how popular this eatery is when options like teh tarik, tom yum and curry chicken rice ran out by 6pm. Nevertheless the rest of the food options are equally exciting. For each flavour ie curry,  tom yum,  asam laksa and soto, combinations with yellow noodles,  laksa noodles,  rice noodles and vermicelli are allowed.

Curry vermicelli with yellow noodles. The fragrance of the coconut milk and curry carries wide and far. The gravy is thick and smooth with a generous portion of carbohydrate, blanched cockles, tofu pok, chicken breast strips,  fish cakes, fresh fish balls, bean sprouts and hard boiled egg. This is a great comfort food.

Curry rice noodles. With the same toppings, rice noodles give a different yet welcoming texture from the classic yellow noodles variety.

Asam laksa here is suitable for all, even those who does not really like the soury taste as it is mild and not really spicy. It's a healthier option with fish, shredded lettuce, red onion slices, pineapple strips and julienned cucumber. The laksa noodles are really springy and refreshing. For those who prefer a stronger flavour, please let the staff know to prepare beforehand.

Soto is always a good choice for children as it is a sweet clear chicken broth that goes well with vermicelli. Toppings like fish cake, chicken breast strips,  bean sprouts, hard boiled egg and hotdogs are also children friendly ingredients. Bing boy happily finished two third of this huge bowl.

If you want more, side dishes like cockles, chicken breast strips,  fish cakes,  curry fish balls,  hotdogs and tofupok are available. An healthy way of eating out while trying to lose weight- order a standard noodle portion with 2 side dishes and share between 2 people to cut down the amount of carbohydrate consumed.

Drink options like Milo, iced water and orange cordial are also available at Yumee Yumee.

Want to have a decent meal out without creating a hole in the wallet (and not in a food court!),  try Yumee Yumee. Our verdict is therefore 7/10!

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