Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Nasi Kerabu Mek La- lunch and dinner hotspot in Kuantan

The first time we visited Mek La was Tham's farewell lunch. But this is definitely not the last time! I really regretted not knowing this hidden gem earlier!

Nasi Kerabu Mek La
Jalan Permatang Badak Baru 1, 25150 Kuantan, Pahang
019-931 3558

Located slightly away from Jalan Gambang at Permatang Badak McDonald's turnoff,  the spacious and idyllic dining area is easy to spot. I love the classic backdrop of blue sky with coconut trees swaying with the breeze.

The menu is extensive. One can choose from normal white rice but I'll definitely recommend nasi kerabu (blue rice coloured using blue pea flower juice). Traditionally, each portion comes with salad consisting of raw diced long beans and shredded cabbage, as well as 'kerisik'. Instead of shredded coconut, Mek La gives a generous portion of fish floss instead.

Side dishes are free to choose. From fried chicken, curry chicken, Rendang chicken, battered fish such as my favorite fried catfish, squid to prawns. I felt spoilt for choices. If you are craving for more fried stuff, feel free to get a few cucur udang (shrimp cakes)! Fried crispy keropok keping is another must have addition.

I would also highly recommend their mango juice. It's so rare to come across pure mango juice with such a generous helping of fresh mango cubes without added sugar! Very refreshing and healthy as most people do not get enough serving of fruits.

Price wise, it's fairly reasonable as the portion is huge with fresh ingredients. Each serving costed less than RM10. Therefore, we rate Mek La 8/10! It's now in my To Eat list for friends from afar.

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