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Aromatherapy at home | Eucapro skin cleansing products review

Everyone would love their homes to smell good. But I simply can't bear the scent of most synthetic air fresheners. They make my head spin and stomach churn. But the scent of natural essential oils has served me well for years. I first noticed the usefulness of natural aromatherapy during my first pregnancy. Even though I did not have severe morning sickness, I couldn't smell cooking and did have my fair share of nausea. Keeping some essential oils handy for sniffing was useful and safe during pregnancy.

Eucapro has started producing odor removal and disinfecting sprays for a while now. More information about their household products in my previous post here. And we are so excited to introduce you all to Eucapro's shower products range!

What's so unique about Eucapro?

Eucapro products are formulated in Australia mainly using eucalyptus oil. They are

1. Cruelty free
2. Vegan friendly
3. Organic, natural and safe
4. High quality yet affordable
total ingredients (including water and salt) must be organic

The following harmful ingredients are not used in Eucapro products:

1. No parabens- may lead to fertility issues and cancer 

2. No propylene glycol- risk children to breathing and immunity problems 

3. No sulphates (including sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate)- harsh and irritating to the skin

4. No cocamidopropyl betaine- may cause allergies and contact dermatitis

5. No artificial or unnecessary fragrances/colours- may worsen eczema

6.. No synthetic detergents (eg, cocamide DEA/MEA)-may cause cancer

7. No petrochemicals (eg, petrolatum, polysorbates, PEG)- may cause cancer
Potential role as carcinogens, concern over long-term effects on the skin

8. No mineral oils (a.k.a. paraffinum liquidum)- Toxic if ingested, also a skin irritant and allergen with links to cancer

9. No lanolin- toxic if ingested

10. No chlorinated water- irritates and dehydrates skin

11No phthalates - cause allergies and can be harmful to developing foetus

Eucapro Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash
Eucapro Baby Shampoo

These 2 baby products also feature eucalyptus, aloe vera and rosemary oils. Baby Yi has really sensitive skin which tends to become irritated and inflamed especially on his face, neck and private areas even when we wipe off his saliva and change his diapers frequently. It tends to worsen when he is down with a cold. 

After using Eucapro, we realise his skin is much more moisturised and smooth. Eucalyptus and aloe vera soothe his itchy inflamed skin down very well. The tear free formula is a must for all the baby products I use.

Eucapro Family Body Wash- eucalyptus or lavender

Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial properties with effective yet gentle cleansing actions. The lavender version, on the other hand, leaves a long lasting scent on the skin after shower. Both lavender and eucalyptus calm eczematous skin and relieve itch. Mr husband works as a surgeon so he needs to perform surgical hand scrubs- resulting in dry and cracked skin, particularly on his hands. He loves how cooling and soothing the body wash.

Eucapro Moisturized Hand Wash and Family Hair Shampoo

I don't have ezcema but frequent hand washing and the need of using alcohol hand rubs dehydrate my skin. It becomes dry and itchy. After using Eucapro handwash, I'm able to clean my hands and keep them moisturised at all times. Unlike many handwash soaps which strips my hands from moisture and wash away my skincare products. The hair shampoo contains Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Olive Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil. This unique blend of essential oils hydrate the scalp and protect the hair from damage due to intense hair styling or coloring. I did not even have to use hair conditioner anymore. This simplifies my hair cleansing regime and there's no more bad hair day!

Eucapro offers such a great range of family skincare products which hydrate the skin and  it's great for sensitive skin. Want to know more? Official links as follow:

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