Monday, January 20, 2020

How to get the glowing look this CNY? | Magika Wellness Products

CNY is just around the corner and I have been in such a holiday mood! But recently stresses at work and the start of a new school term mean that I have very little me time. I have been so exhausted and dehydrated causing skin breakouts and comedones. Gulping down my meals with little time to consume enough water also make my stomach feels bloated and constipated.

The answer to these problems are simple-- get back into the routine. Sleep early. Drink lots of water. Consume high fiber food such as oats, fruits and vegetables like papaya, apples and green leafy vegetables. Avoid smoking and alcohol. But I only have 1 week before CNY arrives!

So these Magika products came just in time to my rescue.

Magika Green Coffee

A coffee lover, I know I have to restrict caffeine intake to 1-2 cups a day. Luckily, Magika green coffee (sourced from Vietnam) contains unroasted coffee beans which means that it contains less caffeine. Besides that, other ingredients like hoodia (from South Africa), Chia seeds (from Chile) and spirulina(from Korea). These superfood contains antioxidants and are rich in fiber, alleviating indigestion. Using fructose, it slows the blood sugar rise for people. For those who have chronic illness, it's better to consult your healthcare professional before trying though. (Magika green coffee is certified to be free of heavy metals and pathogens)

Magika Argan Cleansing Flakes (MACF)

CNY celebration period means more dress ups and dolling ups. Removing makeup is very important to avoid impurities from clogging the pores. MACF is made from 100% natural ingredients like Argan oil, rose essential oil,aloe  vera, honey, lemon, arnica flower and witch hazel. These makes  the cleansing flakes multifunctional- cleansing , hydrating, acne busting, anti-ageing and provides some UV protection. It's also easy to bring around when we are on the go visiting friends and relatives.

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Wishing everyone a great celebration ahead!

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