Friday, January 31, 2020

Top Malaysian CNY menu- how to feed 15 people using 1hour of cooking

Chinese New Year is a time to feast and celebrate. But are you running out of ideas what to serve your family and guests? Hopefully my post will give you some ideas how to satisfy the hungry stomachs. Without losing your mind over planning and cooking the meals.

Lousang is a good appetizer. Just head to any supermarkets to get a set of lousang ingredients-- it's a combination of crunchy crackers, preserved ginger & carrots, peanuts and sesame. Drizzled with sweet plum sauce, it's a crowd pleaser. It's meant to be tossed and mixed together using chopsticks while uttering CNY greetings such as Gong xi fa cai, huat ar. Just for a good omen.

Some additional healthy ingredients that one can add include salmon sashimi, shredded pomelo, julienned carrot/radish/purple cabbage and even Mandarin oranges. Home made lousang sauce can mean mixing sugar free peanut butter sauce with a small amount of sweet plum sauce.

Steamboat is also very simple to prepare. Precook a pot of soup -- can simply blanch a whole chicken into a pot of water, add in some Chinese cabbage and cut carrots for extra sweetness. I used my Russell Taylor pressure cooker and preset to 5mins pressure. The beauty of this is that I don't have to monitor the cooking and it's automatically kept warm until use. Involve helpful family members such as an enthusiastic eldest boy to wash and prepare fresh ingredients like prawns, red fish/salmon slices, chicken slices, fishball, crabstick, noodles, egg, tofu and green vegetables. Add some tomyum paste or cube in a separate pot for extra variety. Before meal time, just prepare some soup and heat it with a portable stove/hot plate to cook the ingredients. Get some fun cooking together with great bonding time.

The blanched chicken meat can then be sliced and plated as a meat dish. Dip in some home made sauce (fry minced garlic with thinly sliced onion, minced Bentong ginger, minced coriander, some Bentong soy sauce and sesame oil). Garlic chilli sauce will do as well. Serve with some fresh lettuce leaves from our home garden to add some fiber and vitamins. This sauce can also be used for steam prawns with sliced ginger.

One more trick is by catering/prepurchase some cooked dishes-- good choices would be roast chicken, roast whole duck, roast pork (can be served as it is or stir fry with celery or leek), braised pork belly with yam slices. Even Buddha's temptation can also be pre-ordered and froze beforehand-- it's a pot full of sumptous ingredients like shark fin (most are imitated using vermicelli nowadays), fish maw, abalone, shitake mushroom, ham, scallop and sea cucumber. Just reheat for some instant yumminess.

As we celebrated CNY in North Pahang area, we also had the opportunity to feast on the King of fruits from the local estates-- Musang King, Udang Merah and D24. My favourite being Karak Organic Durian.Not to mention juicy jackfruit from the local Sungreen Farm. Alleviate the "heatiness" of the fruit savouring coconut freshly plucked from the tree!

Hopefully this gives you enough tips to satisfy the cravings and hunger pangs this CNY!

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