Friday, February 28, 2020

DIY home spa | Melix body care series review

Being a busy mother of two hyperactive princes, having some time out for spa seems far-fetched. But who doesn't like to be pampered? So there came my idea of a DIY spa night! I didn't have a bathtub so I did my DIY spa during my staycation at Pullman KL Bangsar recently for a short scientific meeting.

These were what I did:
1. Set the scene with some instrumental music and soft lighting.
2. Fill the bath tub with warm water and bath salt.
3. Use body scrub.
4. Use a good bath spa product for the body.
5. Wash hair and apply hair mask.
6. Use foot mask.
7. Use facial mask.
8. Apply body lotion and other skincare products.

If you have the mood, put some flower petals and light scented candles or diffuse some essential oils would be heavenly. Most importantly, Step 4 is definitely one of the key to an enjoyable DIY spa experience. I had the chance of using Melix body care series in my DIY spa.

Melix British Blossom Body Spa
Formulated in France, the scent is of the classic red rose signifying romance and mystery.

The active ingredients include:
1. Organic rose water- helps to minimize pore appearance, maintain skin suppleness and radiance.
2. West Indian cherry extract- rich in vitamin C and antioxidant to prevent skin ageing.
3. Apple stem cell extract- encourage collagen production of the skin

Melix Hydra Moist Body Lotion

This body lotion aims to hydrate the skin as well as to lock moisture into the skin, reduce fine lines,  calms sensitive skin, prevent pigmentation and whiten complexion. It's so lightweight and absorbed readily into the skin. Therefore it is also suitable for oily and fatigued skin.

These are the main active ingredients:
1. Olive fruit oil and Olive leaf extract- hydrates the skin and prevent moisture loss
2. Shea butter- conditions, soothes and tone the skin
4. Moringa pterygosperma seed extract- cleanses the skin deeply and soothes the irritated skin
5. Rumex Occidentalis extract- prevents pigmentation from forming and improve skin radiance

Melix body care series does not contain harsh chemicals which may irritate the skin such as paraben, alcohol and SLS/SLES.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I really enjoy using Melix British Blossom Body Spa because the lingering rose scent. It cleanses gently yet effectively. Melix Hydra Moist Body Lotion has a slightly runny consistency, making it easy to apply. The floral scent complements the rose scent from the body spa. As a female, I really love the pink packaging as well. Pink is a great colour to calm the mind and to relax.

Dedicating a special period for "me time" and relaxation is very important to destress. Paying attention to our body parts is called mindfulness which makes us more aware of our existence and prevent ourselves from running on an automatic pilot mode. Chronic stress can make people go about daily lives just following the routine subconsciously without realizing. And this adds on to fatigue, anxiety and depression due to the pressure. Loving oneself is an art to master. Only when we take good care of ourselves then it's possible for us to perform both at work and focus on caring for our loved ones.

These wonderful body care products from Melix do not only nourish the skin from inside out, but it also fills the body and bathroom with floral freshness. This really brightens my day and helps to alleviate stress at the end of my working day.

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