Sunday, February 23, 2020

Tips for choosing the right underwear | Rejuve Innerwear Review

Besides having a good skincare regime, ladies should also pay special attention to the most precious body part responsible to bear and raise the next generation. This is because the intimate parts are down below and covered up. The presence of a balanced population of good bacteria helps to keep the area healthy and clean.

So, follow these few care tips!

1. Choose cotton or silk underwear (allows sweat to evaporate)
2. Avoid nylon and other synthetics material
3. Wash and dry underwear throughly
4. Avoid prolonged wearing of wet swimwear
5. No douching or deodorizing sprays
6. Change tampon/sanitary pads regularly
7. Consume probiotics/yoghurt

Rejuve Innerwear has all these tips taken into consideration while designing their underwear.

Rejuve Innerwear is a Malaysian innerwear company that incorporates the latest silver ion antimicrobial technology from Europe into Rejuve underwears. Even after 100 washes, Rejuve still retains its original antimicrobial properties. The silver used does not contain silver nanoparticles which theoretically may cause cancer in animals.

Organic cotton is used to produce Rejuve underwears. They fulfil both OEKO-TEX® standards and GOTS to ensure only fabric of the highest quality is used.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 runs 100 laboratory tests with stricter limits for fabric intended for closer skin contact or for use in babies. Toxins and allergens such as prohibited azo dyes, formaldehyde and nickel are not tolerated.
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) regulates the processing of organic textile from field harvesting to manufacturing as well as labelling. This makes sure each step is environmentally and socially responsible.
Why organic cotton?

Conventional cotton farming is responsible for the release of 16% of the world’s insecticides. Up to 8,000 types of synthetic chemicals could then be used in various stages of production such as bleaching, dyeing and finishing. Organic cotton uses none of these harsh substances which can be detrimental to health.

Besides that, Rejuve also complies to Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) which are global standards on safe, humane and ethical manufacturing.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Honestly, Rejuve offers an eye opening experience in the care of intimate parts. I feel reassured that each piece is made with the highest standards. The fabric is soft and absorbs sweat well. There's no odour even on days when I had to spend most of my time under the sun or without air-conditioning. It does not cause mold spots formation either. 

Furthermore, the design is elegant that really brings out the feminine side using good workmanship and the use of non irritative lace patterns. It comes in mini (low waist) and maxi(high waist) designs. The price tag though, is definitely high but I would say it's still value for money.

Minis are suitable for low waist pants and skirts.

Maxis are great to hide the stomach fat or to protect the skin after surgery such as a Caesarean section.

More information please watch my YouTube video and refer to the following sites!

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