Friday, March 6, 2020

Halal and easy passive income in Malaysia | Dropshipping with 60sec

Malaysia's financial climate is not optimistic in 2020 given the recent political turmoil and COVID 19 outbreak. Even though the situation is way less serious than the previous SARS outbreak, but many have resorted to panic buying especially household items, masks and hand sanitizers. The tourism industry is badly hit. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to look for business opportunities that has a relatively low cost with high demand to survive the low tide.

This is where the Blue Ocean strategy comes handy. I look at this in two ways- selling essential merchandise in a low cost yet widely available way versus looking for niche market that is not affected by the current situation. 60sec is perfect example that allows people who wants to venture into business with minimal upfront cost that's sustainable with a good support network.

Why do business online?

Hands up if you followed every online sales campaign loyally for Lazada/Shopee. I'm no exception- it's just so easy to shop for both essential and luxury items. With a few mouse clicks, one can grab items at the lowest market price delivered right at your door step. It only requires low setup and maintanence cost for the business. There's little need to hire additional human resource which can be a headache. No need to worry about buying or renting a shopfront at a good location. Courier services delivering nationwide within 24-48 hours are reliable and efficient at an acceptable pricetag.

What's required to start a halal business online and make it a huge hit?

Having a easy-to-use interface like a website is the first prerequisite. It should contain all the product information including ingredient list and the relevant certificates such as HACCP, MESTI, GMP and MOH approval especially for edible and beauty products. A safe and hassle free payment method via gateways such as PayPal which accepts online interbank transfers/credit card payments is essential. Since the cart is updated and payment processed automatically through the system, the business owner just need to go through the list at the end of the day to arrange for delivery. This means anyone can do business in their own free time.

What makes a business viral is also about the story/content behind the brand. People want to know anecdotal experience from others whom they can relate to. For example,
Sharing and advertising on social media like FB and IG is a great strategy. But purely spamming all the groups with product posts usually get very little attention,likes or shares. Because it only takes 3-5 seconds before the person decides to scroll down your post. Worse still to hide your post from their feed, forever. So every business needs a story. For example, for a business selling health supplement for ladies, it should feature stories of how energetic ladies navigate through her busy day and in the end, send important messages about the product.

How does 60sec help online business setup?

It is an e commerce platform that assists dropshipping business owners to:
1. Create a user friendly website
2. Have a safe payment gateway
3. Easily access many existing branded products
4. Supply new merchandise to the shoppers
5. Have peace of mind with a robust technical support system.

60sec also has all the features I described above. And what's more important, there is only a one off RM99 lifetime set-up fee for a store in the beta mode! Once fully launched, it will be RM99 annually.

These are a few examples of 60sec seller page.

This site JoyLife sells body and bath products.

Another site from Prisca features discounted bags, clothes and even face masks.

60ec also offer 1 to 1 consultation to each subscriber/seller. There is no need to stock pile as 60sec has direct contact to branded goods which can be deployed and delivered within 72hours. Besides the individual websites, the seller can also share their products and sell on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Lazada, Shopee and Carousel.

Interested to get some halal passive income? Get your own site from 60sec now!

60sec official website

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