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Short cut for baby weaning | Only Organic Baby Food Review

Many people wondering how I cope as a fulltime specialist with oncalls, mother of 2, wife and daughter. I will say, everyday is full-on and I am very grateful that I have a very supportive husband and understanding mother to help out.

This is how a typical day for me is like.
6am: wake up
7am: EBM
7.30am: Send children to daycare/kindergarten
8am: Start ward rounds
10.30am: Continue seeing patients in outpatient clinic
1pm: Lunch, sometimes in the hospital together with drug talk, reply all important WhatsApp messages
2.30pm: See new patients in ward/stabilize old inpatients
4pm: EBM
5pm: Pick up children
6.30pm- Dinner and feed children.                    
7.30pm: Bathe children
8pm: Supervise eldest for homework
9pm: Put everyone to bed
10pm: If lucky, do some reading/blogging

I have very little time to prepare meals. Now that mom is around, it gets a lot easier to have freshly made home cooked meals served hot on the table. But let me show you my tips of providing my young children healthy and nutritious food without too much hassle. I often feel very tired and lazy by the end of the day. So I cheat using ready made baby food. Only Organic is one of my favorite brands because it is of good quality and convenient.

Only Organic offers a wide range of complementary food that has different texture and form made from a nutritious combination of organic food fortified with iron in order to meet the needs of growing children. It is the top selling organic baby food brand in New Zealand and Australia endorsed by a gold medal from OHbaby! Awards. The IRI New Zealand and Australia cites Only Organic as a unique organic baby food brand contains no pesticides, no GMO, no artificial food colouring or flavouring. It is also widely available in supermarkets in countries like Malaysia, HongKong, Singapore and Japan. So when we are travelling to these regions, we don't have to worry about packing baby food.

My boys started weaning at 6 months old. This is the earliest anyone should wean their children from an exclusive milk diet. Start of with food choices that are soft and in puréed form mixed with plenty of BM/FM/water. Examples include rice, vegetable(avocado, carrot), fish and anchovy powder. Instead of having too much fresh ingredients in the fridge which my go to waste, I offer my boys the fork mash series by Only Organic suitable for babies 8months and above. They really love ancient grain risotto and vegetable lasagna. The tear top meal pouches are specially designed to withstand high heat and is microwaveable.                                                                                               
As they grow, babies need to practice their fine motor skills by picking up finger food. It is also a great time to explore food texture and taste. Banana biscotti by Only Organic is a great choice for babaies aged 10months and above. Packaged at 100g, it has just enough biscuits for the little ones. It dissolves easily in the mouth to reduce the risk of choking.

My readers by now should realize that we love to bring our princes travelling because this opens up their mind and makes them learn about the world. Grabbing a few of their favorite  Only Organic creamy smooth series-- coconut/strawberry/gojiberries and banana/vanilla Greek yogurt is a must. We save the trouble of hunting fresh fruits for them. They also comes in convenient spouted pouches with 4 layer design to lock in product freshness with child safety caps and rounded edges to ensure child safety.

Only Organic has such a versatile range of baby food products that I definitely have to recommend them to you all. Quote BABYS1 for discounts off Only Organic products on Radiant website.

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